Spy Bahu: A Unique Story of a Spy and a Terrorist modern Bahu (Latest Spoiler)

Spy Bahu: A Unique Story of a Spy and a Terrorist modern Bahu (Latest Spoiler)

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Spy Bahu is a new television series that will premiere soon on Colors TV.

The first promo of Spy Bahu was introduced by Kareena Kapoor Khan, narrating the serial’s plot, that will involve a spy and a terrorist falling in love involuntarily.

Sejal played by Sana Sayyad is a detective or rather a trained spy who is instructed to fall in love with Yohaan, played by Sehban Azim, who is supposedly a terrorist.

According to the latest Spy Bahu serial gossip, this kind of love story has been told very rarely on Indian Television thus, the netizens are awaiting to watch Spy Bahu very eagerly and see how its story will unfold.

The persona and gait of Mr. Azim look very attractive and are bound to attract a lot of female audiences.

Similarly, Sana Sayyad looks promising, playing the role of Sejal, is a spy.

Sejal is goofy looking, adorning big spectacles who is a little clumsy and immediately catches the attention of Yohaan, who watches her from a distance.

Is all of this preplanned by Sejal to catch Yohaan and how will Yohaan turn out?

This unique pairing of a spy and a terrorist is something new.

What if Sejal and Yohaan both fall in love and forget what they initially came together for?

Let us see how this unique story of a Spy Bahu and a terrorist will unfold and how their past will affect their future as a couple, in the new spoilers of the Spy Bahu serial.

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