Titli: Latest Spoiler! Garv accuses Titlie of Proving Him A Pyscho

Titli: Latest Spoiler! Garv accuses Titlie of Proving Him A Pyscho

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In the upcoming story of Titli, Garv will accuse Titli of trying to prove him a psycho in front of everyone.

The current story of Titli revolves around Titli's encounter with Megha at the hospital who cunningly pretends to be a psychologist to manipulate her way into Garv's life. 

Meanwhile, Manikant seems to be keeping a secret from everyone as he frequently visits the hospital with the intention of getting Cheeku transferred elsewhere.

As per the latest spoiler of Titlie, Titli's determination remains unwavering as she decides to take matters into her own hands and calls Garv to meet her at the temple.

With an intention to persuade him to meet with the psychiatrist (Megha), Titli starts speaking more when Garv rejects her plea and accuses Titli of senselessly attempting to label him as a psycho.

In the future story of Titli, Manikant will discover Titli's efforts to convince Garv to meet with a psychiatrist.

Let us see how Garv responds to Manikant's upcoming accusations against Titli in future episodes of Titlie.

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