Titli Serial: Latest Gossip! Garv almost BEATS UP Chintu!

Titli Serial: Latest Gossip! Garv almost BEATS UP Chintu!

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In the upcoming story of Titli, Garv will almost beat up Chintu who is Titlie's brother.

So far in the story of Titlie, Chintu took Hiral’s blame upon himself and lied to everyone that it was him who accidentally burnt the dupatta given to Titli by Koyal.

As per Titlie's latest spoiler, Garv is almost about to hit Chintu in anger but gets stopped by Titli while Garv makes a shocking decision.

He announces that he doesn’t want Chintu in any of the further wedding functions while the rest of the family has to agree with his decision.

According to the upcoming twist of this serial, Titli will try to talk to Garv about letting Chintu attend her wedding functions but he disconnects the call.

Will Titli be able to change Garv’s mind or will his manipulative way change Titli too?

Let us watch the future episodes of Titli to see what new dramas will happen until Titli and Garv get married with Ishaani in the picture.

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