Titli Serial: Serial Gossips! Is Garv Mr. Right for Titlie?

Titli Serial: Serial Gossips! Is Garv Mr. Right for Titlie?

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In the upcoming story of Tili, God will indicate that Titli and Garv are made for each other.

So far in the story of Titlie, Titli has broken her marriage with Rahul which has caused distress in her family while she left the house to get some fresh air.

There she meets Garv who saves her from falling into the lake which leads to them getting into a banter and knowing more about each other.

As per Titlie's latest spoiler, Jayshree and Kokila both end up at the temple with Titli and Garv’s birth charts wanting to find a match for them.

According to the upcoming twist of this serial, the Pandit will see their birth charts and will be pleasantly surprised to see that Garv and Titlee are a great match for each other according.

However, according to their personalities, they are polar opposites.

Is Garv really the Mr. Right that Titli has been looking for?

Let us watch the future episodes of Titli to see how Garv and Titli end up together and how their dynamics shift from enemies to lovers.

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