Titli: Upcoming Story! Garv’s male EGO takes a hit

Titli: Upcoming Story! Garv’s male EGO takes a hit

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In the upcoming story of Titlie, Garv's manly pride will be bruised as Titli secures a job.

The current track of Titli revolves around, Titlie presenting a stunning lunch basket adorned with blossoms to Garv at his workplace, leaving Garv's clients, Mr. and Mrs. Kapadia, in awe of Titli's exceptional skills.

Later, Mr. and Mrs. Kapadia entrust Titli with an order for 500 identical flower baskets for their upcoming house party.

As per the latest spoiler of Titli, Garv's masculine pride will take a hit when Titlie receives an order as he'll attempt to cause chaos to grab Titli's attention.

Garv is fully aware of his til allergy, yet he intends to consume 'til ke laddu" to create difficulties for Titli and hinder her from completing the order. 

Will Titli come to know about Garv’s real intention?

Let us see how Titli manages the challenge of Garv's well-being and the task of fulfilling the order for 500 flower baskets in the future episodes of the Titlie serial.

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