Titli: Upcoming Story! Titli's Prince Charming is Devil in Disguise!

Titli: Upcoming Story! Titli's Prince Charming is Devil in Disguise!

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A new show is going to grace Star Plus whose name is Titli which has roused the viewers to be very much interested in its upcoming storyline.

As per the latest news of Tilti serial, Titli is going to showcase the story of a girl named 'Titli' who dreams about marrying her prince charming but gets a devil in disguise for it.

The story of Titli will revolve around a girl name Titli, who owns a florist store and enjoys adorning flowers and butterflies.

She is living a free life, and her sole desire is to decorate flowers.

Although Titli's father is no longer alive, she still desires a partner who will treat her like a princess and let her (butterfly) wings reach new heights.

As per the future story of Titli, she meets Garv, a prosperous man who believes in women's liberation and checks off all the boxes of a perfect partner Titli is reminded of her Prince Charming.

However, according to the latest twist Titli, as their relationship blossoms, Titli starts to believe that Garv is the only guy she will ever love but Garv will slowly start to abuse her in every sense.

In the latest promo of this serial when Titli objects, he strikes her forcefully in the face, which causes her to start feeling apprehensive.

Let us watch Titli's upcoming episodes to see if she stands up for her rights or if she chooses to let Garv continue abusing her.


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