Udaariyaan: Fateh to save Khushbeer's life

Udaariyaan: Fateh to save Khushbeer's life

Udaariyaan Upcoming Story:

In the upcoming episodes of the Udaariyaan serial, Fateh (Ankit Gupta) will save Khushbeer's (Ram Aujla) life from an attacker and will get injured in the process.

So far in Udaariya story, Fateh got upset that Jasmin is going to meet the Canadian guy but felt happy when she came to surprise him.

They went to have an ice cream date where Fateh's parents saw them together and Khushbeer got angry.

Now as per the spoilers of Udaaria, Khushbeer will tell Fateh that he will never accept Jasmin as his daughter-in-law which will hurt her and she will run away.

Further, a person will attack Khushbeer while Fateh will come there all of a sudden and will save Khushbeer but will get injured himself.

Let's see what will Fateh do next in the upcoming twists of Udaariyaan serial.

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