Udaariyaan gossip: Rupy slaps Jasmine

Udaariyaan gossip: Rupy slaps Jasmine

Udaariyaan gossip: 

In the upcoming Udaariyaan serial episodes, Rupy(Jasmine's father) will slap Jasmine.

The current story of Udaariyaan revolves around Fateh giving divorce papers to Tejo which she will sign without any delay.

Now, as per the spoiler of Udaariyaan, Dadaji will tell Khushbeer they have to stop the divorce between Fateh and Tejo.

Later, at the market, Jasmine tells Rupy that she will not leave Fateh even for God's sake then why would she do that for Tejo.

Rupy will get angry and slap Jasmine after hearing this, according to the upcoming story of Udaariyaan.

Let us see will Fateh and Tejo get divorces, in the upcoming twists of the Udaariyaan serial.

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