Udaariyaan: Jasmin to lose Tejo's Shagun Dupatta

Udaariyaan: Jasmin to lose Tejo's Shagun Dupatta

Udaariyaan Spoiler Alert:

In the upcoming episodes of the Udaariyaan serial, Jasmin (Isha Malaviya) will accidentally lose Tejo's (Priyanka Choudhary) Shagun Dupatta and will apologise to her for it.

Up until now in Udaariyaan story, Tejo got convinced by Fateh's love for Jasmin once she saw that he is even ready to go against his family's wish and take Jasmin to Canada.

Meanwhile, Khushbeer is angry at Fateh after finding out his reason for going to Canada and talks bad about Jasmin.

Now as per the Serial Gossips of Udaariyaan, Jasmin will accidentally misplace Tejo's Shagun Dupatta and will lose it which will make her tensed.

Further, she will tell the truth to Tejo and will apologise while Fateh will tell her to not worry as he will help her.

Let's see if Fateh manages to find Tejo's Shagun Dupatta in the future story of Udaariyaan (उडा़रियां).

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