Udaariyaan: Jasmin tries to talk to Fateh and Tejo

Udaariyaan: Jasmin tries to talk to Fateh and Tejo

Udaariyaan spoiler:

In the upcoming episode of Udaariyaan serial, Jasmin (Isha Malviya) will try to speak to Fateh (Ankit Gupta) and Tejo but they will keep ignoring her.

The current story of Udaariyaan serial revolves around Jasmin getting jealous seeing Fateh drop Tejo at college while Tejo tells her to stay away from Fateh.

However, in the new episodes of Udaariyaan, Jasmin challenged Tejo and told her that Fateh will never accept her as he loves only Jasmin.

Now as per the upcoming story of Udaariyaan, Jasmin will give a note to both Fateh but he will refuse to talk to her.

Further, she will also go to Tejo's house and will talk to her but Tejo will shut the door on her face while Jasmin will wonder how to get Tejo to talk to her so that she can get back Fateh.

Let's see if Jasmin gets successful or not in the upcoming twists of Udaariyaan.

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