Udaariyaan Upcoming Twist: Jasmin fights with Tejo

Udaariyaan Upcoming Twist: Jasmin fights with Tejo

Udaariyaan upcoming twist:

In the future Udaariyaan serial episodes, Jasmin will get angry seeing Tejo in Fateh's room and will fight with her saying that she is the one who has a right to Fateh's room.

The current story of the Udariyaan serial revolves around Biji getting a heart attack and the Virk family getting worried for her while Tejo learns about it.

Further, Tejo comes to meet Biji who requests her to stay at the Virk house and Tejo agrees at last.

Now as per the upcoming story of Udaariyan, Tejo will be given Fateh's room to stay in while Jasmin will come there and will argue with her saying that it is her and Fateh's room.

However, Tejo will fight back with her while Fateh will come there and will take Jasmin away saying that they will leave once they get their Canada visa, according to the spoilers of Udariyan.

Let's see what will Jasmin do next in the future gossips of Udariya.

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