Vikas Gupta’s message to the industry on the occasion of IIFA 2018

Vikas Gupta’s message to the industry on the occasion of IIFA 2018

The latest extravagant IIFA award night took  place in Thailand. The show was graced with industries' patrons and actors.

Vikas Gupta was the host of the last big fat award night. After his much talked about journey in Bigg Boss, this was his first on-camera appearance.

There have been an array of uploads by Vikas Gupta which is helping his fans keeping posted about all the recent happenings.

In his most recent post on social media, Vikas Gupta thanked for the love and support and called the Bollywood industry his family.

Vikas Gupta quoted, “What a Magical Night it was , there were Princesses and there were Princes, there were the Kings and there was the Queen. IIFA2018 was a royal affair in #Thailand. @colorstv & @wizcraft_indiagot all of us to put our best foot forward at the @iifa Green Carpet and incase someone did not know how to, the others helped. like here the stunningly beautiful @kritisanon taught me the step of #bareilykibarfi. This is what I realised it is a family and we all gotta look out for each other ❤️ @ash4sak @manishmischief , you both have been such an amazing team.”

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