YRKKH: Upcoming Spoilers! Dear Abhimanyu Birla. . .

YRKKH: Upcoming Spoilers! Dear Abhimanyu Birla. . .

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Abhimanyu Birla the great doctor, the exemplary son, the protestor of domestic abuse and the most confused husband ever. 

How does it feel when you are given a report card of your relationship? 

How does it feel the one person who completes you, tells you that you are better off incomplete? 

Ever since Akshara came into your life, you started feeling your heartbeats, you felt alive around her and Akshara felt the same for you. 

You also know where you have been wrong but you keep letting your anger win.

Did you realize today that it was you who drove Akshara away and not once, but several times?

Today Akshara told you that despite your rare love for her, you could not give her peace of mind nor was there any respect for her. 

You and your whole family blamed Akshara for Neil's death but would you have stayed in the car, waiting for police when the lives of children are at stake? 

Today, Akshara's question about Neil is a slap on Abhimanyu who would not have done this to a brother but treated his wife with little less respect and made decisions on her behalf. 

Although you talk about rectifying your mistakes, have you forgiven Akshara for Neil's death?

Love as Abhinav says is meant to fly in the open sky and not be confined in a castle. 

Akshara has moved on in her life and is living for her son, Abheer. You also have Ruhi to live for. 

Will you now respect Akshara's wish and start your life afresh with Ruhi and Aarohi?

All the fans of YRKKH are eagerly waiting for the new twist and turn that Abhimanyu and Akshara will take while preserving their love for each other.

Everyone wants to know what else this relationship (Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata) can be.

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