Anupama Namaste America TRP Rating: Anupamaa OTT Prequel Series Win Hearts!

Anupama Namaste America TRP Rating: Anupamaa OTT Prequel Series Win Hearts!

Anupama Namaste America TRP Rating: Serial Anupama Prequel TRP This Week

Anupama Namaste America (ANA) is a prequel story of Anupama (Star Plus) that was released on 25th April 2022 on Disney+Hotstar.

Led by Rupali Ganguly and Sudhanshu Pandey as younger Anupama and Vanraj, the Anupama Online series saw great success in the OTT ratings.

As the Anupama OTT prequel series is exclusively available on Disney+Hotstar as Hotstar specials, the series is counted in online TRP ratings and OTT impressions.

According to the first week of OTT impressions, Anupama: Namaste America (ANA) took on the first spot with a total of more than 10.5 million impressions.

The 11-episode prequel series of Anupama has surpassed popular amazon prime originals and reality shows and showed the popularity of Anupama.

Anupamaa serial and its prequel franchise of Anupama Namaste America proved that it is popular in both online and television settings.

The main credit behind the success of Anupama Prequel series is certainly Rupali Ganguly who has won numerous hearts with her magnificent acting.

Anupama: Namaste America prequel shows the life of Anupama and Vanraj 17 years back, and how Anupama got a chance to visit America at that time.

Although Gaurav Khanna, who plays the role of Anuj (a heavily loved character) in Anupamaa currently is not present in the prequel, viewers seem to enjoy Anupama’s performance alone.

Anupama OTT series has succeeded in dethroning the original series which streams on Amazon Prime, MX Player, etc with its popularity.

Let us see if the success of the Anupama: Namaste America prequel series persuades the makers to come up with another nice experiment and many more prequels and sequels of the show Anupama in the coming days.

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