Asian Excellence Awards 2022 Winners List: Date & Time, Full Show Results

Asian Excellence Awards 2022 Winners List: Date & Time, Full Show Results

Asian Excellence Awards 2022: AEA 2022 Winners List, Chief Guest, Madhuri Dixit, Full Show, Nominations, Time & Date of Telecast:

This year, 2022, the Asian Excellence Awards was recently held in Novotel Mumbai, Juhu Beach.

Looking ever so gorgeous, the stunningly beautiful and talented Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit made her entry as the chief guest at the function.

Many popular faces from the television industry were also spotted at the award show, namely, actress Erica Fernandes, actor Amir Ali, comedian Kiku Sharda, Bigg Boss contestant Rajiv Adatia, and BALH2 fame Chahatt Khanna.

The Asian Excellence Awards recognize the talented, and upcoming rising stars in various fields whether it is the entertainment industry, management, and corporate sector, new startups, etc.

The award show night was a dream come true night for so many awardees when they received the prestigious award from the hands of the epitome of beauty Madhuri Dixit.

However, Asian Excellent Award 2022 will not be telecasted on television screens.

The AEA 2022 awards were given in many different categories like the Best Entertainer of the Year, the Most Popular Face Award on the Television, the Rising Entrepreneur of the Year, the Outstanding Leadership Award, and many more.

Here is the table showing the Asian Excellence Awards 2022 details with the award category, and the winner.

Asian Excellence Awards 2022 Award Category, Winners, Nominations

Asian Excellence Awards 2022  Award Category

Name of the Winner

Most Popular Face of Television Award

Erica Fernandes

Entertainer of the Year Award

Rajiv Adatia

Rising Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Chahatt Khanna

Outstanding Leadership Award

Abdul Shaik

Best Choreography of the Year Award

Akhilesh Gupta

Best International Model of the Year Award

Kamalini Kammi

South India’s Best Saloon and Academy

Hair Speak Academy

Asian Excellence Awards 2022 Promo Video

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