Baakiyalakshmi Tamil Serial Wiki, Cast, Story, Review, Promo, Actors & Photos

Baakiyalakshmi Tamil Serial Wiki, Cast, Story, Review, Promo, Actors & Photos

Baakiyalakshmi (பாக்கியலட்சுமி) Tamil Vijay Tv serial Wiki/Wikipedia/Upcoming Story, Twists, Spoilers, Gossips:

Baakiya Lakshmi Tamil Serial is a story of a house maker telecasted on Star Vijay. 

BaakiyaLakshmi serial (Tamil) depicts the life of a woman Baakiyalakshmi who undergoes many hardships and struggles to make her family happy but is always dominated and insulted by her family members. 

The story of Baakialakshmi reflects the situation of women at every home which makes the audience emotionally connect with the show. 

Baakiyalakshmi is a character found within our homes like a caring wife, affectionate mother, compassionate daughter-in-law, and a responsible homemaker.

From the launch to date Baakiyalakshmi makes it up to stay at the top of the TRP table. The unexpected twists, emotional story, and relatable incidents attract the audience of all ages making it rank top. 

Below are the details about the show Baakiyalakshmi and all the information regarding the written updates, upcoming story, future twists, new spoilers, upcoming gossips, TRP Ratings, and much more.

Baakiyalakshmi Serial on Star Vijay Details

Serial Name


Serial Name written in Tamil



Family Drama



Start Date

27th July 2020

Telecast days

Monday to Saturday

Telecast timings

8.30 pm


Vijay Television

OTT platform


Baakiyalakshmi (பாக்கியலட்சுமி) Tamil Serial Crew Details

Production Company

Venus Infotainment Private Limited


Siva Sekar

I. David

Creative Director

Priya Thambi

S. V Rathna Kumar

Number of seasons


Vijay Tv Baakiyalakshmi Serial on Sun TV Cast, Real & Characters Names, Actors/Actresses, Male/Female leads, Roles

Real Name

Character Name 

Role Played

KS Suchitra Shetty (கே.எஸ்.சுசித்ரா ஷெட்டி)

Baakiyalakshmi / Baakiya (பாக்கியலட்சுமி /பாக்கியா)

Female Lead

Sathish Kumar (சதீஷ் குமார்)


Baakiyalakshmi’s Husband

S.T.P Rosary (எஸ்.டி.பி ரோசரி)

Ramamoorthy (ராமமூர்த்தி)

Gopinath’s Father

Rajalakshmi Chandu (ராஜலட்சுமி சந்து)

Eshwari (ஈஸ்வரி)

Gopinath’s Mother

Aryan (ஆர்யன்)

Chezhiyan (செழியன்)

Baakiyalakshmi - Gopinath's elder son

VJ Vishal (விஷால்)

Ezhilan /Ezhil (எழிலன்)

Gopinath – Baakiyalakshmi’s Younger son

Neha Menon (நேஹா மேனன்)

Iniya Gopinath (இனியா கோபிநாத்)

Baakiyalakshmi - Gopinath's daughter

Divya Ganesh (திவ்யா கணேஷ்)

Jennifer (ஜெனிபர்)

Chezhiyan's wife

Reshma Pasupuleti (ரேஷ்மா பசுபுலேட்டி)

Raadhika Rajesh (ராதிகா ராஜேஷ்)

Gopinath's ex-girlfriend

Sherine Farhana (ஷெரின் ஃபர்ஹானா)

Mayura (மயூரா)

Radhika and Rajesh daughter

Rithika (ரித்திகா)

Amritha (அமிர்தா)

Ezhil’s Love

Baakiyalakshmi Lead Actor/Actress Name with Photos:

KS Suchitra Shetty

Bhagyalakshmi Serial Actress Name

Sathish Kumar

Sathish Kumar (Baakiyalakshmi Gopi) Wiki, Biography, Age, Images, Serial -  News Bugz

Baakiyalakshmi Serial on Star Vijay Latest Story/Plot:

Vijay Television's Baakiyalakshmi serial spins around the woman Baakiyalakshmi (Baakiya), who is a perfect homemaker who works hours and hours for the well-being of her family members but never gets recognized for her work but in turn, gets insulted. 

Baakiyalakshmi is married to Gopinath and they have three children Chezhiyan, Ezhilan and Iniya. They live in a joint family with Gopi's parents. 

Everyone in the house dominates Baakiya except her son Ezhil who always supports and motivates her. He is the only person in the family to recognize his mother's hard work. 

Gopi is an ideal father and cares much about his children and parents. But he does not care and shower his love to Baakiya because he has an extramarital affair with his ex-lover Radhika who is already married to a man Rajesh and has a daughter Mayura. Rajesh and Radhika get divorced which makes Gopi close to Radhika and Mayura. 

Baakiya unaware of her husband's betrayal continues to serve him and the family with much love and care. She also starts various businesses to financially support her husband and family and also gets offended for that, but manages to build a successful venture.

The upcoming story is about, What will happen to the family members when they learn about Gopi's affair? Will the family support Baakiya? Will Baakiya fight back for her husband? Will Gopi realize his mistake? 

Bakiyalakshmi Serial on Vijay TV Trailer/ Teaser/ Promo

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who plays the lead role on Baakiyalatchmi?

A. The lead role Baakiyalakshmi is played by KS Suchitra Shetty.

Q. Why was the character of Radhika played by Nanditha replaced by Reshma?

A. Nanditha had some personal reason to quit the role which is now being played by Reshma.

Q. Who is Baakiyalakshmi Ezhil?

A. Ezhil’s real name is Vishal, he was a Video Jockey and has also acted in some movies as a supporting actor.

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