BB Jodigal 2 4th September 2022, Grand Finale Winner, Results

BB Jodigal 2 4th September 2022, Grand Finale Winner, Results

BiggBoss Jodigal 2 4th September 2022, Promo Written Updates: Watch Full Show Online, Ranbir Kapoor, SS Rajamouli, and Nagarjuna as Special Guests, Winner, Runner Up, Prize Money

BB Jodigal 2 is a dance show for BiggBoss contestants where BB season contestants pair up among themselves and dance to exhibit their talent.

The latest promo of BB Jodigal 2 (04-09-2022) starts with Anchor Priyanka and Raju introducing the week as the “Grand finale of BB Jodigal 2”.

The judges Ramya Krishnan and Satheesh give a stunning entry to judge and score the contestants' performances in this finale.

The special guests of the finale Ranbir Kapoor, SS Rajamouli and Nagarjuna enter the sets of BBJ2. The judges, anchors and contestants welcome them.

The new promo of BB Jodigal 2 (4 September 2022) shows Ranbir Kapoor dancing with all the finalists of BBJ 2.

A short QNA session is conducted by Raju and Priyanka with all three special guests and they all have a fun time chatting together.

Glimpses of all the contestants performing in the finale of BB Jodigal 2 were shown. Everyone put in their complete effort to win the title.

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BB Jodigal 2 4th September 2022 Episode Promo Update:

BB Jodigal 2 4th September 2022 Episode Written Update:

Today's BB Jodigal 2 4th September Grand Finale starts with the stunning entry of the anchors Priyanka and Raju. 

The anchors then welcome the judges and contestants to the show. They give a grand and stunning entry and congratulate all the contestants.

The finalists then give a dazzling entry and they get motivated by the audience's applause.

The first performance of the finale was delivered by Aarthy and Ganesh. They deliver a stunning performance. 

Judge Ramya Krishnan shares her insights about their dance as a usual performance with good expressions. Aarthi's navarasa was enjoyed by everyone. The judges appreciate the choreography.

Sathish tells that it was a touching performance and appreciates Ganesh for his performance.

Then, a comical performance called poluthu poku with poramboku was given by Suresh which was enjoyed by everyone.

Then to everyone’s surprise the anchors welcome the special guests of the Grand Finale Special Ranbir Kapoor, Nagarjuna and SS Rajamouli. The judges and contestants welcome them and shower their love on them.

A special performance was delivered by Mani, Abu and Sunitha. They deliver a stunning performance which everyone enjoys.

The second performance is given by Thamarai and Parthasarathy. Ramya appreciates Thamarai's performance and appreciates Paarthasarathy for his efforts and hard work. Thamarai gets emotional and thanks her master.

Then a short AV was played based on Ramya Krishnan with her grand entries, sweet memories and special moments of the BB Jodigal 1 as well as BB Jodigal 2. Finally, some words by her fans were shown. She is described as Singapen of BB Jodigal.

Third performance by Abhishek and Nadiachang. Judges gave standing ovations for their performance. Ramya appreciates the choreography and declares it as an awesome and best performance. Sathish gets emotional and appreciates the performance.

A special performance was delivered by Ashwini, Shobana, and Raveena to appreciate the milestones of Judge Ramya Krishnan.

Raju and Priyanka then have a cool chat session with special guests Ranbir, Nagarjuna and Rajamouli. 

Priyanka asks about Nagarjuna's crush Ramya reveals she has a crush on Nagarjuna. There was a discussion about Rajamouli's family and how united they are. Priyanka asks Ranbir to sing Channa Mereya song.

Ranbir and Priyanka together sing the song and then they dance to the song Vaathi Coming which excites everyone. 

The fourth performance was delivered by Suja-Shiva Kumar. The audience and judges gave them a standing ovation. Ramya announces this as an awesome performance. The style, attitude and energy were applauded. Choreographer Mani Master was praised. Sathish regarded their performance as the perfect finale dance.

Then, Amir and Pavni enter to deliver their last performance of the season. A standing ovation was given by the judges and the audience fill the set with cheers and applause. Ramya appreciates their performance as the best of the entire season.

The anchors then welcome the judges to announce the title winners. Aarthy - Ganesh,  Thamarai-Parthasarathy and Nadia-Abhishek become the first three contestants to move out from the winners and runners performers.

The judge makes the announcement with a small countdown. To everyone's surprise, the judges announce that both Amir-Pavni and Shiva-Suja as the title winner of BB Jodigal 2. They receive a trophy and 5 lakh cash prize.

Amir is regarded as the Stylish performer of the season and wins a TVS Radeon bike.

Abhishek and Nadia become the runners and get a five thousand cash prize.

End of today's BB Jodigal 2 4th September 2022 episode.

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