BB Jodigal 2 Winner, Bigg Boss Jodigal 2022 Results, Runner Up, Grand Finale, Prize Money

BB Jodigal 2 Winner, Bigg Boss Jodigal 2022 Results, Runner Up, Grand Finale, Prize Money

BB Jodigal 2 Doubles Winner Name, Grand Finale 2022 Results, Runner-ups (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Place Names List)

BB Jodigal 2 Position

BB Jodigal 2 Winners Name

BB Jodigal 2 Winner Prize money

BB Jodigal 2 Title Winners (1st place) (2 winners)



5 Lakh cash prize

BiggBoss Jodigal 2 1st Runner Up (2nd place)


5000 Cash Prize

BB Jodigal 2022 Stylish Performer of the Season


TVS Radeon Bike

BB (BiggBoss) Jodigal 2 Title Winner 2022 Prediction: Star Vijay Grand Finale, Who wins BB Jodigal 2 Winner 2022?

The winner of BB Jodigal 2 will be selected based on the judges' scores. The telecast date of the BiggBoss Jodigal 2 is announced as 4th September 2022 at 3.00 PM.

The special guests of the finale are announced as Bollywood Rockstar Ranbir Kapoor, Tollywood King Nagarjuna, and the Pride of Indian Cinema SS Rajamouli.

They give in a stunning entry that surprises everyone. The judges, anchors, and contestants are excited about their entry.

Based on the performances all the week, the finalists of BBJ2 are announced as:

Amir - Pavni

Shiva Kumar - Suja

Aarthy - Ganesh

Abhishek - Nadia

Thamarai - Parthasarathy

Their dedication, hard work, effort, and creativity have provided all the contestants to perform in the finale and find an opportunity to win the title of BBJ2.

Among all Amir and Pavni have been deliberately delivering a mesmerizing performance all these weeks. The couple has had a huge fan following since their appearance in Bigg boss.

The fans expect them to become a real-life pair and their chemistry on screen has driven the fans crazy. Amir professionally being a dance master delivers creative themed dance each week.

The couple never fails to impress the judges with their stunning performances. They have the highest chance of winning the title this season as they have equally won the judges' hearts with their magnificent performance.

Shiva and Suja pair has been delivering a magnificent performance dance each week. Their innovative themes have captured the attention of viewers.

Their effort, creativity, and concept impressed the judges each week. They give a tough fight to the other contestants.

Shiva and Suja pose equal competency to win the title and also have the chance of winning the title of BBJ2. 

The other performers Aarthy - Ganesh, Abhishek - Nadia, and Thamarai - Parthasarathy have delivered a rocking performance each week.

They put in more effort to impress the judges each week and possess the capacity to win the BB Jodigal 2.  

We anticipate “Amir and Pavni as the winner of BB Jodigal 2”.

We congratulate all the finalists and wish them only the best for the grand finale to win the BB Jodigal 2 title and be crowned the winner.

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