BhagyaLakshmi Wiki, Story, Serial Cast, Promo, Start-End Date, Review, Actress

BhagyaLakshmi Wiki, Story, Serial Cast, Promo, Start-End Date, Review, Actress

Bhagyalakshmi Zee TV serial Wiki/Wikipedia:

Bhagyalakshmi is the new serial on Zee TV serial and will be another addition to Ekta Kapoor’s Bhagya series.

BhagyaLakshmi serial release date (starting date) is 3rd August 2021.

About BhagyaLakshmi's cast, actress Aishwarya Khare acts as the female lead playing the role of Lakshmi in the serial.

The story of Bhagya Lakshmi will be based on a simple girl who will take care of everyone around her and will not care about her own comfort.

She will further get married to a billionaire but will be unaware that her marriage is a deal.

Here in this article, we are sharing the information about the entire cast and crew, upcoming story, gossips, spoilers, and future twists of the Bhagyalakshmi serial.

Bhagyalakshmi (Bhagyalaxmi) Serial Details

Serial name

BhagyaLakshmi (Bhagyalaxmi)

Serial name in Hindi



Daily Soap/Drama/Serials/Series

Bhagyalakshmi Start Date (release date)

3 August 2021

Bhagyalakshmi End Date


Telecast Days


Bhagyalakshmi Telecast Timings

8:30 PM


Zee TV

OTT Platform




BhagyaLakshmi serial Crew/Team members


Ekta Kapoor

Bhagyalaxmi No. of Seasons 


Production Company (s) 

Balaji Telefilms

Zee TV Bhagyalakshmi Entire Cast, All Roles, Full Real/Character Names, Lead Actors, Main Actresses, Male/Female Roles

Real Name

Bhagyalakshmi Character Name and Role Name Played

Aishwarya Khare

Lakshmi - Female lead

Rohit Suchanti

Rishi - Male lead

Smita Bansal

Neelam Oberoi (Rishi's mother)

Uday Tikekar

Virendra Oberoi (Rishi's father)

Masshe Uddin Qureshi

Preetam Bajwa (Lakshmi's uncle)

Neha Prajapati

Rano Bajwa (Preetam's wife)

Avantika Choudhary

Neha Bajwa (Preetam-Rano's daughter)

Maera Mishra

Malishka Bedi (Rishi's girlfriend)

Ankit Bhatia

Balwinder Sood (Lakshmi's ex-fiance)

Karuna Verma

Kiran Abhay Bedi (Malishka's mother)

Mansi Bhanushali

Bani Bajwa (Lakshmi's sister)

Munira Kudrati

Shalu Bajwa (Lakshmi's sister)

Aman Gandhi

Ayushman Oberoi (Rishi’s cousin)

BhagyaLakshmi Serial Story/Promo/Latest Updates/Review/News

Bhagyalakshmi serial is the latest serial on Zee TV that will air soon and will star Aishwarya Khare as the female lead.

Bhagyalakshmi is expected to go on air in August 2021 year.

Based on the promo of Bhagyalakshmi, the story will revolve around the life of a caring girl who will help everyone around her including her family and even the unknown people around her.

She will further get married to a rich guy, Rishi as part of a deal and will feel shattered after learning the truth.

Based on the reviews of the Bhagyalakshmi serial, Lakshmi will bring a huge change in Rishi’s life as he will be a self-centered and egoistic guy.

We hope Bhagyalakshmi will never miss to entertain the audience and become hit a serial and beat other serial's TRP Ratings.

Let’s see how this fresh love story of Lakshmi and Rishi is loved by viewers in the upcoming Bhagyalakshmi serial (भाग्यलक्ष्मी सीरियल in Hindi) episodes.

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