Bigg Boss (BB) Jodigal 2 17th July 2022 Written Update, Special Guest Today

Bigg Boss (BB) Jodigal 2 17th July 2022 Written Update, Special Guest Today

BB (Bigg Boss) Jodigal 2 17th July 2022, Promo Written Updates: Episode 10, Ishwarya Menon, Janani Iyer Special Guest, Watch Biggboss Jodigal Online

BB Jodigal 2 is a dance show for BiggBoss contestants where BB season contestants pair up among themselves and dance to exhibit their talent.

The latest promo of BB Jodigal 2 (17-07-2022) starts with Anchor Priyanka and Raju announcing the continuation of last week's “Retro Vs Black and White round”.

Raju then announces the entry of the special guest Janani Iyer and Ishwarya Menon on the sets of BBJ2. 

Judge Satheesh delivers a stunning performance with Janani Iyer and Ishwarya Menon.

The new promo of BB Jodigal 2 (17 July 2022) shows Ramya Krishnan enjoying the performance of Aarthy and Ganesh.

Meanwhile, Thamarai's mother-in-law and sisters enter to surprise her. She gets emotional over this. 

Abhishek and Nadia deliver a stunning performance which is enjoyed and appreciated by the judges. 

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BB Jodigal 2 17th July 2022 Episode Promo Update:

BB Jodigal 2 17th July 2022 Episode Written Update:

Today's BB Jodigal 2 17th July starts with the stunning entry of the anchors Priyanka and Raju. 

The anchors then welcome the judges and contestants to the show. They then announce the week as a "Retro Vs Black and white round" continuation.

To deliver the first performance of the week Abhishek and Nadia enter the stage. The judges appreciate and applaud their performance. They appreciate Nadia's improvement in dance. 

Raja and Abhishek deliver a small skit based on the love track exhibited by heroes of different eras. This is enjoyed by all.

Raju and Priyanka then announce the entry of the special guest Janani and Ishwarya Menon. They give a stunning entry onto the sets of BBJ2. 

Janani Iyer a previous contestant of Biggboss shares her insights about the show and her future endeavours. Ishwarya shares some words about the judges and contestants. 

Then, Thamarai and Parthasarathy enter to deliver their performance. The judges enjoy their performance and tell them some corrections. 

Meanwhile, Thamarai shares some memories of her family. Thamarai's mother-in-law and sisters give a special entry to surprise her. She gets highly excited over this. 

Next, Aarthy and Ganesh get on the stage for their performance. They deliver a funny-themed performance which is enjoyed by everyone. The judges appreciate the choreographer Mani master. 

The special guests applaud the choreographer. They then dance with the choreographer. Judge Satheesh joins them and delivers a stunning dance. 

The anchors then announce a small task for husbands where they must identify their wives based on the shoulder massage they do. Aarthy and Ganesh win this round. 

Next, Jithan Ramesh and Samyuktha enter to deliver a special performance which is enjoyed by everyone. 

The stylish performers of the week are announced as Abhishek and Nadia. The best performer of the round is declared as Shiva and Suja. 

The judges announce Iyyky Berry - Dev and Isaivani - Velmurugan as contestants in the danger zone. Based on their scores and performance, judges announce the elimination of Isaivani and Velmurugan from BBJ2. 

End of today's BB Jodigal 2 17th July 2022 episode. 

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