BIgg Boss (BB) Jodigal 2 31st July 2022 Written Update, Elimination Today

BIgg Boss (BB) Jodigal 2 31st July 2022 Written Update, Elimination Today

Bigg Boss (BB) Jodigal 2 31st July 2022 Promo Written Update: Episode 12, Best Performance Today, Watch Full Show Online

BB Jodigal 2 is a dance show for BiggBoss contestants where BB season contestants pair up among themselves and dance to exhibit their talent.

The latest promo of BB Jodigal 2 (31-07-2022) starts with Anchor Priyanka and Raju announcing the continuation of last week's "romance round".

Suja and Shiva deliver stunning performances in an aged couple's costume and body language and Ramya Krishnan appreciates them. 

Then, to their surprise, Suja and Shiva's son enter in to support him and they share some emotional moments.

Suja speaks about the hardships she faced during the dance practices and how she misses caring for his son and gets emotional. 

The new promo of BB Jodigal 2 (31 July 2022) shows the digitised dance performance of Iykki Berry and Dev. They get appreciated by the judges.

Then the anchors announce a funny task where Dev's reply makes Ramya Krishnan frustrated.

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BB Jodigal 2 31st July 2022 Episode Promo Update:

BB Jodigal 2 31st July 2022 Episode Written Update:

Today's BB Jodigal 2 31st July starts with the stunning entry of the anchors Priyanka and Raju. 

The anchors then welcome the judges and contestants to the show. They then announce the continuation of the "Romance round".

BB Jodigal Season 1 title winner Anitha and Sharikh enter the stage to deliver a special performance. They deliver an electrifying performance which is enjoyed by everyone. 

The audience, judges and anchors applaud their performance. 

To deliver the first performance of the week Iyyki Berry and Dev enter the stage. They deliver a digitalised performance. Their creativity and innovation were enjoyed by everyone. The judges appreciate the concept and ask to work on the theme. 

Iyyki then expresses her love for Dev. She delivers a Rap song for him. He enjoys her songs and lifts her. They both share some romantic moments.

Next, Suja and Shiva enter for their performance. They deliver their performance in an old-aged theme. This impresses and shocks everyone. The judges appreciate and applaud their performance. 

Judges Satheesh then gets down the stage to perform like old men. Shiva and Satheesh then deliver a small performance. 

Then, a short AV is played depicting the love Suja and Shiva have for their son Adhvaaith. They get emotional on seeing the video. 

To everyone's surprise, Adhvaaith enters the stage. He enters running and hugging his parents. They share their love and how important their son is in their lives. 

Next, Thamarai and Parthasarathy deliver a stunning performance. Their performance is enjoyed by everyone. The judges appreciate their dance and ask Parthasarathy to develop his dance. 

Then the anchors announce a small "Pushup kiss task". The husbands must do push-ups and kiss their wives. The one doing the highest push-ups will be declared the winner. Dev and Parthasarathy compete with each other. Then Amir does this task with Raju and this ends in a funny manner. 

Then a simple task is announced by the anchors as the "Top 5 challenge". All the contestants must spray the red and green spray to select the Top 5 contestants. All the contestants come forward to play the game. 

The best performers of the round are announced as Amir and Pavni. Stylish performers of the week are announced as Shiva and Suja. 

The judges announce Iyyki Berry-Dev and Thamarai-Parthasarathy as the contestants in the danger zone. They then announce the eviction of Iyyki Berry and Dev from BB Jodigal 2.

They bid an emotional farewell and all wish them success in their future. 

End of today's BB Jodigal 2 31st July 2022 episode. 

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