Bigg Boss Jodigal 2, BB New Season Contestants List, Elimination, Voting 2022

Bigg Boss Jodigal 2, BB New Season Contestants List, Elimination, Voting 2022

Bigg Boss Jodigal 2 Vijay TV Wiki/Wikipedia, BB Jodigal 2 Contestants Names List with Photos, TV Telecast Timings, Season 2 Release Date, Judges, Host, Promo, Written Updates, Review, TRP Ratings, Watch Full Show Latest Online at

Following the great success of BB Jodigal season 1, the Star Vijay network has planned to launch the new season of the most awaited show BB Jodigal, the BB Jodigal season 2.

BB Jodigal 2 is a dance show for BiggBoss contestants where BB season contestants pair up among themselves and dance to exhibit their talent. They compete for the title winner BB Jodigal 2.

'BB Jodigal' will involve incredible dance wars among the contestants, as well as a dash of humour and fun. The dance-themed Vijay television programme will also cater to dance enthusiasts.

Bigg Boss Tamil competitors have a great impact and capture the interest of the audience. This is expected to drive the TRP ratings of the channel to the next level.

Bigg Boss 5 winner Raju and BiggBoss 5 Runner Priyanka are expected to host the show, this is driving the audience crazy as their combo was the most loved by the audience in the BiggBoss house.

The grand launch (release date) of the show is announced on 8th May 2022 at 7.30 PM.

Here are the complete details of the new reality show BB Jodigal 2 and the various participating contestants.

BB Jodigal 2 on Star Vijay Details:

Name of the Show

BB Jodigal 2

Name of the Show in Tamil

பிபி ஜோடிகள் 2 (Season 2)


Dance Reality Show

BB Jodigal 2 Release Date

8th May 2022

End Date


Bigg Boss Jodigal 2 Telecast Timings

7.30 PM

Telecast Days


No. of Episodes


BB Jodigal 2 Winner





Vijay Television

OTT Platform



Raju and Priyanka


Ramya Krishnan, Nakul, Sandy Master



BB Jodigal 2 Reality Show Format/Concept/Theme:

BB Jodigal 2 is a dance programme for BiggBoss contestants in which BB season participants couple up and dance to showcase their talent. They are competing for the title of BB Jodigal 2.

BBJodigal is an ideal dance show where the celebrities put in their utmost effort to exhibit their talent in front of the judges.

Each week a different theme will be announced for the contestants to perform on. The participants will deliver their performance based on the theme.

The one who fails to put in their utmost effort and the one who fails to impress the judges will be removed from the show.

The eliminated contestants have another opportunity of “Wildcard round” to enter the finale.

BB Jodigal 2 Cast, Contestant Names List, Participants, Elimination 2022/Ongoing status:

BB Jodigal 2 Contestants Name

Eviction Status

Amir - Pavani


Abhishek - Suruthi


Harathi - Ganesh


Thamarai - Parthasarathy


Suja - Shiva Kumar


Iyyki Berry - Dev


Velmurugan -  Isaivani


Dannie - NSK Ramya


BB Jodigal 2 Contestants, Cast, Participants Name with Photos:

Amir - Pavani

Abhishek - Suruthi

Iyyki Berry - Dev


Suja - Shiva Kumar

Harathi - Ganesh

Thamarai - Parthasarathy

Velmurugan -  Isaivani

BB Jodigal 2 Voting and Elimination:

BB Jodigal 2 is an elimination show. Each week the poor performer of the week will be evicted from the show.

The judges are the decision-makers here. One who fails to impress the judges will be out of the show.

The voting and markings by the judges will be based on various aspects like performance, creativity, effort, theme, presentation, teamwork, etc.

The one who fails in the above-described criteria will obtain a low score from the judges. The team which comparatively has the lowest score will be moved out of the show.

Download BB Jodigal 2 or watch full episodes online at Star Vijay on Sunday at 7.30 pm and Disney+Hotstar.

BB Jodigal 2 TRP Ratings:

BB Jodigal 1 was a grand success which has paved the way for the channel to launch the sequel of the show "BB Jodigal 2".

BB Jodigal 2 is also expected to have the same tempo among the audience. The show has already created huge expectations among the audience.

The show is beginning with high expectations because the candidates are notable celebrities from prior seasons of BiggBoss.

This is awaited to create a huge impact on the TRP ratings of the show. Like the previous season, this season can be anticipated to be a great success.

BB Jodigal 2 Teaser/Trailer/Promo:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Who are the anchors of season 2 of BB Jodigal?

A. The anchors of BB Jodigal2 are Raju and Priyanka.

Q. Who are the judges of BB Jodigal 2022?

A. The judges of BB Jodigal 2nd season are Ramya Krishnan, Nakul and Sandy Master.

Q. Who is the tough competitor of BB Jodigal Season 2?

A. Amir and Pavni are the toughest of the eight contestants paired this season.

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