Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Elimination Today, Season 2023 Eliminated Contestants Names List This Week

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Elimination Today, Season 2023 Eliminated Contestants Names List This Week

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7 Elimination Today, Who Got Evicted in BB Tamil Season 2023 Today?

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 (பிக் பாஸ் தமிழ் சீசன் 7) is a reality show that is set to air on Star Vijay and Disney+ Hotstar on 1 October 2023.

Once again the seventh season of Bigg Boss will be hosted by Kamal Haasan. 

In this Bigg Boss show, 15 contestants come together to stay in a house that is filled with tasks to win the Bigg Boss title and enormous cash prize.

These contestants lack connection with the real world and even with their families, showing their real personalities through interactions and tasks.

Every week, one housemate is evicted from the house based on unsubstantiated domestic voting done by the co-contestants and outer voting by the audience.

The audience can vote only for the contestants who are nominated by the housemates for elimination through collective voting.

All the contestants try their best to secure their spot to survive the nominations and eliminations. 

The last four housemates are elected to decide who wins the show BB Tamil 7 during the final week.

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Season 2023 Elimination Today (List of contestants who got Eliminated This Week 2023)

The below table shows the contestants of Season 7 of Bigg Boss Tamil Vijay Television Elimination/Ongoing status:

On 13th January 2023, Archana becomes the winner of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7.

On 12th January 2023, Vishnu Vijay gets evicted from the competition making way for the Top 4 players.

On 9th January 2023, Vijay is out of the race from the competition with the Top 5 remaining.

On 7th January 2023, No other contestants face elimination with the game restarting for the new week.

On 6th January 2023, Vichitra gets eliminated from the competition.

On 4th January 2024, Poornima lifted the cash box to get the money.

On 30th December 2023, Raveena Daha and Nixen get eliminated from the competition.

On 26th December 2023, 7 contestants from the bigg boss house get nominated for the week for elimination.

On 23rd December 2023, Saravana Vikram leaves the competition after getting eliminated.

On 16th December 2023, Cool Suresh is evicted from the Bigg Boss house.

On 14th December 2023, Ananya S Rao gets eliminated in the middle of the week.

On 7th December 2023, No eviction was done due to the cyclone as viewers could not vote for the nominated contestants.

On 2nd December 2023, Jovika Vijaykumar gets eliminated from the competition.

On 30th November 2023, Vichitra is leading the audience votes among the nominated contestants to get safe.

On 28th November 2023, Poornima Ravi gets the highest votes for elimination among nominated contestants.

On 26th November 2023, Vijay and Ananya S Rao enter the competition as wild card entries.

On 25th November 2023, Akshaya and Bravo were evicted from the Bigg boss house.

On 23rd November 2023, Archana gets the highest votes among nominated contestants.

On 18th November 2023, Bala was eliminated from the competition.

On 28th October 2023, Vinusha was evicted.

On 28th October 2023, Yugendran was evicted.

On 22nd October 2023, Vijay Varma was evicted.

On 8th October 2023, Ananya Rao became the first contestant to get evicted from Bigg Boss Tamil S7.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7 Contestants' Name

Elimination/Ongoing Status


Winner of BB Season 7

Mani Chandra

1st Runners Up

Maya Krishnan

2nd Runners Up


Eliminated (4th position)

Vishnu Vijay

Eliminated (5th position)

Saravana Vickram


Raveena Daha




Cool Suresh


Yugendran Vasudevan

Eliminated (Week 4)

Vinusha Devi

Eliminated (Week 4)



Jovika Vijaykumar

Eliminated (Week 9)


Eliminated (Week 6)

Bava Chelladurai

Walked (Week 2)

Pradeep Antony

Ejected (Week 5)


Eliminated (Week 5)


Eliminated (Week 7)


Eliminated (Week 8)

RJ Bravo

Eliminated (Week 8)



Ananya S Rao

Eliminated (Week 11)

Every week the table will be updated with the eliminated contestants concerning the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7 episodes.

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