Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Winner, Runner Up, Season 2022 Grand Finale, Prize Money, Finalists

Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Winner, Runner Up, Season 2022 Grand Finale, Prize Money, Finalists

Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Winner Name, Grand Finale 2022 Results, Runner-ups (1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Names List)

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu 4 Position

BB Telugu 6 Winners Names

BB6 Telugu Winner Prize money

Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Title Winner (1st place)


50 Lakhs Cash Prize + Plot Worth 25 Lakhs + Car

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 1st Runner Up (2nd place)

Shrihan 40 Lakhs

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu 2nd Runner Up (3rd place)

Keerthi Not Revealed

Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Title Winner 2022 Prediction: Star Maa Grand Finale, Who wins Bigg Boss Season 6 Telugu Winner 2022?

The popular Telugu celebrity reality show Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 is nearing its final days as the race to the finale has already started and the date for the final episode has also been revealed.

The 6th season of the famous franchise aired its first episode on 4th September 2022 and is going to reveal the winner of BB Telugu Season 6 on 18th December 2022 with the last episode of the season.

The show has been hosted by the superstar Nagarjuna for the past three seasons with the 6th Season being his fourth season as the main host.

In season 6, the general public was also allowed to audition and get their chance at becoming contestants in the famous celebrity reality show.

The show started off with 21 contestants while Shrihan Shri became the first finalist followed by Sri Satya, Adi Reddy, Keerti Bhat, Rohit Sahni, and L. V. Revanth.

The TRP of the show did manage to grab as many points as the 4th and 5th seasons after the new concept of bringing in the general public inside the house with the celebrities for more drama.

The grand finale of the show is going to be divided into two parts of the day of the weekend with the first part being shown on Saturday 17th December 2022 at 9 pm and the second part on Sunday, 18 December 2022 at 6 pm.

The episodes will be available on Star Maa live and also on the OTT platform Disney+Hostar.

According to many polls and fan sites, the major race for the trophy is between L.V. Revanth and Rohit Sahni while there could be an underdog winner too from the rest of the finalists.

Let’s see who wins Season 6th of Bigg Boss Telugu.

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