Bigg Boss Ultimate Cast, Contestant photos Tamil Wiki Vijay TV Hotstar Disney+

Bigg Boss Ultimate Cast, Contestant photos Tamil Wiki Vijay TV Hotstar Disney+

Bigg Boss Ultimate Tamil Contestant List Names with Photos, Cast, Disney+, Hotstar, Wikipedia, Review, Host, Season 1 Start Date, 24 Hours (24/7) Live Streaming/Rules:

Bigg Boss ultimate Tamil on Hotstar/Vijay TV is a derivative of the World famous show Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss Ultimate is a 24-hour show telecasted on Disney+Hotstar.

The host of BB ultimate Tamil is TR Silambarasan from the 4th Week of 2022.

BB Ultimate is a reality show where celebrities who participated in the previous seasons of Bigg Boss but failed to win the title are gaming in the Bigg Boss Ultimate house and competing with each other to become the title "Winner of Bigg Boss Ultimate".

The Big Boss house stays unconnected to the real world. The contestants follow a different schedule in the house that has no telephones, televisions, clocks, internet, pen, paper, etc.

Bigg Boss Ultimate is premiered only in Disney+Hotstar and is not aired on Vijay Television. The show is streamed 24x7 in the Disney+Hotstar app.

Bigg Boss Ultimate contestants here are called housemates and are given unique tasks to be performed and the one who performs the best in all the shows is graded high.

Both internal and external Bigg Boss Ultimate votings happen in the show for elimination. The one with the least number of votes is eliminated from the Bigg Boss show.

The one participant who manages to cross all the hurdles with success and obtains the highest votes from the audience becomes the title winner of the show.

The grand launch (release date) of Bigg Boss Ultimate occurred on 30th January 2022 with Kamal Haasan as host.

Here are the complete details of the new reality show Bigg Boss Ultimate and the various participating contestants:

Bigg Boss Ultimate on Disney+Hotstar details


Bigg Boss Ultimate Tamil

Bigg Boss Ultimate written in Tamil

பிக் பாஸ் அல்டிமேட் தமிழ்


Reality show



Bigg Boss Ultimate Starting (Launch) Date

30th January 2022

Bigg Boss Ultimate End Date


Telecast Days

Monday - Sunday

Telecast Timings

24/7 hours/every day


Silambarasan TR

Telecast Network


Production Company


No. of Seasons

5 on TV

1 on Disney+Hotstar

Bigg Boss Ultimate TamilConcept/Format/Theme/Plot:

The contestants in Bigg Boss Ultimate are called housemates. The housemates become a part of Bigg Boss house which is found dissociated with the real world. The contestants have to stay in the house for 100+ days without Television, mobile phones, internet, and other accessories. 

The contestants are watched by multiple cameras fitted around the house and all the contestants must mandatorily wear the mike provided to them all the activities performed by the participants will be recorded and telecasted 24x7.

Bigg Boss gives various tasks to the housemates to perform in groups or in individual. The worst performer each week is nominated and is kept in jail. The best performer has the opportunity to serve as the captain of the house the next week.

Each week, one housemate is "evicted" (eliminated) from the house based on an anonymous internal vote by the housemates and external voting by television viewers.

Bigg Boss Ultimate Tamil Voting and Elimination:

Each week, the housemates nominate contestants for eviction based on their personal opinion on the co-contestant and based on their performance. The nominated housemates are out for public voting.

Viewers can vote in favour of the desired participant and the one who fails to impress the public and gets the least number of votes will be evicted from the show. 

Each viewer has the ability to cast ten votes per day. Contestants who disobey the rules or leave for medical reasons are ejected from the house.

Bigg Boss Ultimate TRP Rating:

Bigg Boss is a popular show never fails to hit the top list of the TRP. Bigg Boss Ultimate being a spin-off of Bigg Boss has received the same reach by impressing viewers of all ages.

Bigg Boss Ultimate being telecasted in the OTT platform alone has managed to hold a good position among the ranking.

The show started with great expectation as the contestants participating in the show are the famous celebrities of previous seasons.

Kamal Hasan is the host of the show created great hype among the fans. Being telecasted on the OTT platform BB Ultimate has managed to obtain the expected OTT rating. 

Currently, the host of Bigg Boss Ultimate has been changed. Kamal Hasan is replaced with Silambarasan TR. This has been a trending talk of social media for back few weeks.

A great star like Simbu who has a huge fan base being a host of this show has increased the expectation on the show.

The entry of Silambarasan TR as the host of Bigg Boss Ultimate increased the OTT rating of the show.

Bigg Boss Ultimate Cast, Contestant Names List, Participants, Elimination/Ongoing status:

Bigg Boss Ultimate Contestants Name

Elimination/Ongoing Status

Thamarai Selvi


Abhirami Venkatachalam


Anitha Sampath


Maria Juliana


Sathish Kumar




Suruthi Periyasamy


Balaji Murugadoss


Niroop Nandakumar


Vanitha Vijayakumar

Walked Out

Thaadi Balaji


Suresh Chakravarthi


Suja Varunee


Shariq Hassan


Abhinay Vaddi


Bigg Boss Ultimate Cast/Contestants/Participants Names with Photos

Cast 1: Abhinay Vaddi

Candidate 2: Abhirami Venkatachalam

Participant 3: Anitha Sampath

Contestant 4: Shariq Hassan

Cast 5: Suja Varunee

Candidate 6: Suresh Chakravarthi

Participant 7: Thaadi Balaji

Contestant 8: Vanitha Vijayakumar

Participant 9: Balaji Murugadoss

Player 10: Niroop Nandakumar

Candidate 11: Suruthi Periyasamy

Cast 12: Snehan

Participant 13: Sathish Kumar

Candidate 14: Maria Juliana

Contestatnt 15: Thamarai Selvi

Bigg Boss Ultimate Show Teaser/Promo/Trailer:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Why is Kamal Haasan not hosting Bigg Boss Ultimate?

A. Due to scheduling difficulties with his next feature Vikram, the host has left the show from week 3 of 2022.

Q. Who is the new host of Bigg Boss Ultimate?

A. Bigg Boss Ultimate is being hosted by TR Silambarasan from Week 4 of 2022.

Q. Is Bigg Boss Ultimate available to be watched on Television?

A. Bigg Boss Ultimate is available to watch only on Disney+Hotstar.

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