Cook With Comali 3 16th July 2022, CWC 3 Today, Wildcard Round, Advantage Task Winner

Cook With Comali 3 16th July 2022, CWC 3 Today, Wildcard Round, Advantage Task Winner

Cook With Comali 3 16th July 2022 CWC3 Promo Written Updates: Episode 51, Watch Full Show Online, Immunity Task Winner

Cooku with Comali season 3 telecasted on Star Vijay is a cooking show where contestants exhibit their cooking talent along with amateur cooks called Comalis. 

The latest promo of Cook with Comali (16-07-2022) for the upcoming episode starts with anchor Rakshan announcing the week as a wildcard round. 

Roshni, Santhosh Prathap, Grace Karunas, Chutty Aravind, and Muthukumar enter to participate in the finale. 

Chef Venkatesh Bhat announces the cook and comali pairing based on a small object selection task. 

The next promo of CWC 3 (16 July 2022) shows the cooks and comalis performing the first advantage task of the week. 

The task is to make chips out of elephant yam, the cooks and comalis work to produce the highest amount of chips. 

Rahul thatha gets tensed during the task and argues with his comali Manimegalai. 

To get to know more, download Cook with Comali Season 3 or watch full episodes online at Star Vijay on Saturday at 9.30 PM and Sunday at 9.00 PM and Disney+Hotstar.

Cook With Comali 3 16th July 2022 Episode Promo Update:

Cook With Comali 16th July 2022 Written Update:

Today's Cook with Comali 3 16th July starts with the rocking entry of Anchor Rakshan. He enters and dances for "Lets Nacho".

He then announces the week as the “Wildcard round” where one eliminated contestant of CWC3 will get an opportunity to compete in the finals.

The wildcard contestants enter the sets. Rahul thatha, Chutti Aravind, Santhosh Prathap, Muthukumar, Grace Karunas and Roshini are participating in the wild-card round. 

Anchor Rakshan welcomed the four finalists on the sets of CWC3. They give a stunning entry.

The wildcard contestants share their experiences and insights about the show. 

He then welcomes the judges to the show. They give a rocking entry onto the sets.

The comalis appear in the costumes of this week. Kureshi as Power star, Sivaangi as Don - Lilly, Manimegalai as Chinna Goundar, Sunitha as Mersal - Vijay, Bharath as Sivaji Ganesan, Bala as Sanniyan Sakadan, 

The cook and comali pairing of the week happens based on a small task. The task is based on a "City Vs Village" selection task. 

The pairing of the week happens as follows:

Roshini picks Kureshi. 

Rahul Thatha pairs with Manimegalai. 

Santhosh Prathap pairs up with Bala. 

Muthukumar selects Sunitha. 

Grace Karunas selects Bharath. 

Chutti Aravind chooses Sivaangi. 

After the end of the pairing, the judges announce the first advantage task of the week as the "Senaikizhangu chips challenge".

The cooks and comalis are found working efficiently to make the highest number of chips. They then present the chips in front of the judges. The judges appreciate and applaud the endeavours of the contestants. 

The judges announce the winner of the advantage task as Grace Karunas. 

End of today's Cook with Comali 3 16th July 2022 episode.

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