Cook With Comali 3: 19th March 2022 CWC 3, Pugazh back on CWC3

Cook With Comali 3: 19th March 2022 CWC 3, Pugazh back on CWC3

Cook With Comali 3 19th March 2022 CWC 3 Promo Written Updates: Pugazh Special This Week

Cooku with Comali 3 is a fun reality show telecasted on Vijay Tv to entertain the audience innovatively through a cooking show.

The latest promo of Cook with Comali (19.3.2022) for the upcoming episode starts with Pugazh being back on the sets of CWC3. 

All the CWC contestants and Comalis enjoy the presence of Pugazh in the show. The Cook Comali pairing of the week happens based on a walkie-talkie task.

Santhosh Prathap picks up his walkie-talkie and finds it to be Pugazh where Pugazh performs the signature style of Allu Arjun in Pushpa.

The new promo of the 3rd Season of Cook with Comali (19 March 2022) shows Santhosh Prathap lifting Pugazh and playing with him by rolling him in the air which shocks the other contestants.

Chef Venkatesh Bhat announces Pugazh as the winner of the fight that occurred between him and Santhosh.

The first advantage task of the week is announced by the judges as "Fusion Parotta Challenge". All the contestants do their task very well.

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Cooku With Comali 19th March 2022 Episode Promo Update:

Cook With Comali 19th March 2022 Written Update:

Today's Cook with Comali 3 12th March starts with Anchor Rakshan's stunning entry. He then announces the week as an eviction round. 

Rakshan invites all the Comali's who are not adorned in any costume this week. 

Bharath, Kureshi, Adirchi Arun, Sivaangi, Bala, Pugazh, Sunitha, and Manimegalai enter as the comalis of the week. 

Then the chefs enter the sets of CWC3 and join the atrocities of the Comalis. Rakshan welcomes all the contestants to the show. Santhosh makes much fun with Pugazh and lifts and rolls him. 

The pairing of the week happens based on a walkie-talkie task. The walkie tasks are numbered from 1 to 7 and placed on a mask denoting animals. The pairing of the week happens as follows:

Santhosh Prathap selects Bharath 

Ammu Abhirami pairs up with Sivaangi

Vidyu picks Sunitha

Roshini selects Bala

Anthony Dasan picks up Pugazh

Grace Karunas selects Kureshi

Dharshan pairs with Manimegalai. 

The judges eliminate the first advantage task as the "Fusion Parotta challenge". The contestants are provided with egg and flour and the judges instruct them to make the Parotta in a specified manner. All the cooks and comali work on the task to get selected for the next advantage task. Loads of laughter flow in the sets of CWC. Everyone makes a smiley-shaped parotta and presents it in front of the judges. 

Roshini, Anthony Dasan, Vidyu, and Grace get selected for the second advantage round. The second advantage task is completely Comali oriented and it is a quiz-based round. The cooks drive a tricycle and click a buzzer and answer the questions asked by the judges. 

Bala answers the highest number of questions and Roshini becomes the winner of the advantage task. 

End of today's Cook with Comali 3 19th March 2022 episode. 

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