Cook With Comali 3 20th March 2022 Written Update CWC 3 Cast Pugazh's fun day

Cook With Comali 3 20th March 2022 Written Update CWC 3 Cast Pugazh's fun day

Cook With Comali 3 20th March 2022 CWC 3 Promo Written Updates Today: Episode 18

Cooku with Comali Season 3 is a humorous television show that currently airs on Vijay TV and is designed to entertain viewers in a unique way through a cookery show.

The latest promo of Cook with Comali on 20-3-2022 for the upcoming episode starts with the stunning entry of Pugazh as Comali.

Pugazh entertains everybody on the sets of CWC 3. The cooks and other comalis enjoy his act and fun. The cook comali pairing for the week occurs.

Grace Karunas, Anthony Dasan, Roshini and Vidyu are expected to enter the second advantage task of the week. 

The recent promo of the 3rd Season of Cook with Comali (20 March 2022) shows the Comalis performing the second advantage task which is a quiz-based round. 

The Comalis are riding kid's tricycles and the Chefs are asking questions related to cooking, the one who drives the tricycle first and clicks the buzzer, and gives the correct answer is the winner.

Pugazh is found making so much fun with the tricycle which makes the entire set of CWC flood with laughter. Finally, he answers well in the quiz.

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Cooku With Comali Season 3 20th March 2022 Episode Promo Update:

Cook With Comali 20th March 2022 Written Update:

Today's Cook with Comali 3 20th March starts with all the Cooks and Comalis including Anchor Rakshan dancing on the song "What a Karuvad" from VIP. 

The judges announce the winner of the advantage task as Roshini and Bala and they announce the main task of the week as the "Tricolour challenge". The dish to be presented must be in a selected colour and the comalis select the colour for their respective cooks based on a small task. 

Ammu Abhirami, Roshini and Darshan select green. Vidyu and Grace select white. Santhosh and Anthony Dasan select red. Roshini uses her advantage and swaps her colour to white with Vidyu. 

The twisty task of the episode is named "Thalaiyum puriyala kaalum puriyala" where the cooks and comalis must balance the skater below their legs and a ball maze above their heads alternatively. All the contestants and comalis prepare their coloured dishes by performing the hindrance task. 

All the contestants work hard to protect themselves from eliminations. The comalis make ultimate fun and the judges join with them to make the episode more funny and interesting. 

After the end of the cooking time, the contestants and comalis present their dishes in front of the judges. The judges appreciate everyone for their effort and creative presentation and standing with the task. 

The chef of the week award is announced to be VidyuLekha and the second chef of the week award is given to Santhosh Prathap. 

The first look of Pugazh's Mr Zookeeper movie is released on the sets of CWC 3. All the contestants, comalis, judges and Rakshan motivate, appreciate and wish him success. 

Vidyu, Santhosh, Grace, and Darshan are in a safe zone. Roshini, Ammu Abhirami and Anthony Dasan are in danger and perform the elimination cooking. 

The elimination task is to make a single dish with avocado. All the cooks put their complete effort to escape from elimination. They make their dish and present it in front of the dish. The judges appreciate the winner and announce the eviction of the week as Anthony Dasan. 

Anthony Dasan ends his journey in the Cook with Comali 3. 

End of today's Cook with Comali 3 20th March 2022 episode.

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