Cook With Comali 3 26th February 2022, 27th February 2022, Episodes 11 & 12

Cook With Comali 3 26th February 2022, 27th February 2022, Episodes 11 & 12

Cook With Comali 3 26th February 2022, 27th February 2022 Promo Written Updates: CWC 3 Episode 11, Episode 12

Cooku with Comali season 3 telecasted on Vijay TV is a show for celebrities. The celebrities exhibit their cooking talent through this show. Comali (Comedians) are present in this show to make it more funnier.

The trending promo of Cook with Comali (26-02-2022, 27-02-2022) for the upcoming episode starts with Anchor and Judges introducing the week as "Celebration round".

The Cooku with Comalai season 3 contestants select the Comali's based on a timeline selection task where all the Comalis wear costumes representing famous Kollywood heroes of different timelines.

The second promo of the 3rd Season of Cook with Comali shows the first advantage task as Swirl Parrotta task and the second advantage task as Bucket Biryani challenge where all the Cooks and Comalis eat bucket biryani. 

The next promos of CWC season 3 (26 February 2022, 27 February 2022) show Pugazh making fun of the judges and the judges make a comical fight with Pugazh and leave the sets of CWC3. Kureshi represents the character of Remo-Sivakarthikeyan which impresses everyone on the sets. 

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Cooku With Comali 3 26th February 2022, 27th February 2022 Episode Promo Update:

Cook With Comali S3 26th February 2022 Written Update: Grace wins Advantage

Today's Today's Cook with Comali S3 26th February starts with anchor Rakshan welcoming the judges and contestants. The judges introduce the week as "Celebration week". The contestants enjoy the no-elimination week. 

The cook and Comali pairing happen based on a timeline task. Contestants select their favorite year from the board and the comali dressed up as the top hero of that age will appear before them and cook with them for the week. The pairing happens as follows:

Dharshan comes in first and picks the year 2004 and Manimegalai in the costume of Perazhagan - Surya comes in to pair with him.

Next in Grace Karunas, select 1986 and Bala dressed up as Samsaram athu minsaram - Visu gets in to pair with Grace. 

Ammu Abhirami selects 1987, Adirchi Arun as Ramarajan pair up with her. 

Shruthika enters and selects 2011 and gets Sunitha in the costume of Dhanush from Aadukalam. 

Santhosh Prathap picks up 1954 and Pugazh in the costume of MR Radha enters to pair with him. 

Roshini selects 2019 and Shivaangi enters in as Aishwarya Rajesh from Namma Veetu Pillai. 

Anthony Dasan selects 2003 and gets Bharath dressed as Pidha Magan comes out for pairing.

For the last pairing comes Vidyu selects 2016 and gets Kureshi dressed as Remo Sivakarthikeyan. Everybody enjoys the appearance of Kureshi in Remo's getup. 

The first advantage task of the week is to make Swirl Parotta. The cooks and comalis are blindfolded alternatively and let to make the parotta. All the contestants perform their task skillfully and present it before the judges. 

After the counting judges announce the winners, Vidyu - Kureshi, Grace - Bala, Anthony Dasan - Bharath, and Ammu Abhirami - Arun gets selected for the second advantage task. 

The second advantage task is "Bucket Biryani Challenge". The cooks and Comalis are presented with bucket biryani and the one who completes eating it first will be the winner of the task. 

The contestants perform the task with utmost fun. Everyone eats faster to complete the task. But finally, Grace Karunas and Bala complete first and win the advantage task. 

End of today's Cook with Comali 3 26th February 2022 episode 11.

Cook With Comali S3 27th February 2022 Written Update: Grace and Bala wins Refrigerator

Today's Today's Cook with Comali S3 26th February starts with Anchor Rakshan introducing the winner of the advantage task as Grace Karunas. The special prize of the celebration round is brought in and it is a refrigerator for both cook and comali. Everyone on the sets of CWC3 gets excited to see that. 

Chef Dhamu introduces the main task as a One-on-one battle between the eight teams. The battle pairing occurs by cooks selecting the pictures of other cooks. The battle pairing takes pair as follows:

Vidyu selects Santhosh Prathap and they both get to cook with yam for the main task. 

Ammu Abhirami comes in and gets Roshini and they make their dish with Elephant foot yam. 

Darshan selects Anthony Dasan and gets to make their main task dish with Ridge gourd (Luffa).

Shruthika comes in for the last pairing with Grace Karunas and they both get Raw Banana for cooking. 

But Grace Karunas uses her advantage and changes her vegetable to Ridge Gourd and battles with Darshan. Battle pairing changes as Grace - Darsha, Anthony Dasan - Shruthika. 

The hindrance task of the week is to balance a big balloon between the hips. The cook and comali have to balance it together, the one who fails should perform a punishment task. 

All the cooks and Comalis are found cooking interestingly with loads of fun. All make different types of dishes with their allotted vegetables. All the dishes made by the cooks are presented in front of the judges. The judges taste the dishes and appreciate the effort of all the cooks. 

From the battle, Ammu Abhirami, Grace Karunas, Anthony Dasan, and Vidyu are selected as winners and they are ready to perform the winning task. 

The winning task is to make a single dish with Lady's Finger. All the cooks and Comalis work with the intent to win the Special Prize. They all complete their dish in the allotted time and present it before the judges. 

Judges appreciate the innovation of all the cooks and announce Grace Karunas as the winner. Grace and Bala get a Refrigerator and Gas stove as the winning prize.

End of today's Cook with Comali S3 27th February 2022.

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