Cook With Comali 3 3rd April 2022 Written Update, CWC 3 Elimination This Week

Cook With Comali 3 3rd April 2022 Written Update, CWC 3 Elimination This Week

Cook With Comali 3 3rd April 2022 CWC3 Promo Written Updates: Episode 22, Cast, Next Guests Eliminations today

Cooku with Comali season 3 is a fun cooking show where famous television personalities exhibit their cooking talent telecasted on Star Vijay.

The new promo of Cooku with Comali (3-4-2022) for the upcoming episode starts showing the week as an "Ulaganayagan Themed Round".

All the Comalis appear in the costumes of significant characters of Kamal Hasan. Sivaangi appears as Virumandi, Manimegalai as Vasul Raja MBBS, Bala as Balram Naidu, Sunitha as Indian Thatha which attracts all the cooks and judges.

Shruthika, Roshini, and Vidyu move forward for the second advantage task.

The next promo of CWC 3 (3 April 2022) shows Shruthika, Roshini and Vidyu performing the second advantage task "Baby Challenge".

The comalis are performing their tasks by drinking milk and the cooks are eating Cerelac to win the advantage task.

To get to know more, download Cook with Comali Season 3 or watch full episodes online at Star Vijay on Saturday and Sunday at 9.30 pm and Disney+Hotstar.

Cooku With Comali 3 3rd April 2022 Episode Promo Update:

Cook With Comali 3rd April 2022 Written Update:

Today's Cook With Comali 3rd April 2022 episode starts with all the cooks, comalis, judges and anchor dance to the song "Annatha aaduraar". Anchor Rakshan announces the winner of the advantage task as Shruthika and Bala.

The judges announce the rules for the main task of the week. A board consisting of all the comalis pictures enters the sets of SSJ8. Each comalis image represents a taste like sweet, sour, bitter and spice. The cooks must select a comalis image and cook the dish based on the taste they obtained. 

Santhosh, Vidyu selects sweet. Shruthika, Grace Karunas picks sourness. Roshini and Ammu Abhirami selects Bitter. Shruthika uses her advantage and exchanges her taste with Ammu Abhirami and gets a Bitter flavour. 

The main task hindrance of the week is the egg balancing hindrance. The cooks and comalis must alternatively balance the eggs in plates and once who fails to balance must play see-saw for 1 minute. The cooks and comalis are found performing their tasks with much effort to present their dish well. The judges interrupt the contestants and distract them while balancing their eggs. The entire set of CWC3 was filled with waves of laughter. 

After the allocated time the cooks and comalis present their dishes in front of the judges. The judges appreciate the contestants for their effort. Vidyu gets a standing ovation from both the judges. The chef of the week is given to Ammu Abhirami and Kureshi. The runner up goes to Vidyu. 

The teams which move to the elimination round are Roshini and Santhosh Prathap. The elimination task is a fruit-based task and the Roshini selects jackfruit and Santhosh picks mango. Both are giving tough competition to each other to escape from the elimination. 

Both the contestants present their dishes in front of the judges. Judges appreciate both for their dishes. Everyone gets emotional on the sets of CWC3 as one of the two great cooks must get eliminated. Then the judges announce the week as no elimination and both get saved from eviction. Everyone enjoy the no elimination week.

End of today's Cook with Comali 3rd April 2022 episode.

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