Cook with Comali 3 Elimination Today: CWC 3 Eliminated Contestants List 2022

Cook with Comali 3 Elimination Today: CWC 3 Eliminated Contestants List 2022

Cook with Comali 3 Elimination Today: Eliminated Contestant CWC3 List, Who got Eliminated Today, This Week 2022?

Star Vijay's Cooku with Comali 3 is the ultimate fun-filled Cookery show. The innovative concept of the show has gained massive response from viewers of all ages.

CWC3 show was evoked with 10 contestants on 22nd January 2022.

In this show, these 10 contestants compete with each other to impress the chefs(Judges) with presentable dishes.

Scoring happens by the Chefs based on the dishes served and one with the least score is removed from the show.

Eliminated contestants are served with an opportunity to showcase their talent in the wild card round.

Cooku with Comali 3 Elimination Today (List of contestants who got Eliminated this week 2022)

On 22nd May 2022Chutti Aravind gets evicted from Cooku with Comali 3. He entered CWC3 as a wildcard contestant and grabbed the hearts of the cooks and comalis in a short span of time. He exits the show after sharing his experience in CWC.

On 15th May 2022, Muthukumar was announced as the cook of the week.

On 30th April 2022, To everyone's surprise, Anchor Rakshan introduces the entry of two new wildcard contestants for the show CWC3. The two new wildcard contestants are Blacksheep fame "Chutti Aravind '' and Sarpatta Parambarai fame "Vettai Muthukumar". The cooks, comalis and judges welcome both the contestants to the show.

On 24th April 2022, unexpectedly, Santhosh Prathap gets evicted from the show. He, being the most charming and friendly contestant on the show fails against Ammu Abhirami in the elimination cooking challenge. Everyone bid him an emotional farewell.

On 16th April 2022 and 17th April 2022, Manimagalai announces the week as Immunity week. Vidyu Leeka wins the immunity band and is safe from elimination in the next week.

On 3rd April 2022, No Elimination from Cook with Comali 3.

On 20th March 2022, Anthony Dasan gets evicted from today's Cook With Comali show. Although being a funny and talented contestant, he failed to impress the judges in both the main cooking challenge and also the elimination challenge which resulted in his ejection from Season 3 of Cooku with Comali.

On 6th March 2022, Chef Venkatesh Bhat announces the eviction of Manobala from Cook with Comali 3. The popular cook gets the least score and exited from the show.

On, 13th February 2022Rahul Thatha becomes the first contestant of CWC3 to get eliminated. Chef Venkatesh Bhat announced his elimination.

Cook With Komali 3 show commenced on 22nd January 2022.

Cook with Comali 3 Elimination Status(2022)

The below table shows the 10 contestants of Season 3 of Cooku With Comali Elimination/Ongoing status:


Cooku with Comali 3 Contestant Name

Elimination Status


Abirami (Rakshasan - Ammu)



Darshan (Kanaa)



Grace Karunas (Singer)



Vidyullekha Raman (Vidyu)



Roshni Haripriyan (Bharathi Kannamma)



Shrutika Arjun (Actress)



Vettai Muthukumar

Wildcard Entry


Chutti Aravind



Santhosh Prathap (Sarpatta Parambarai)



Anthony Dasan(Singer)



Mano Bala (Actor)



Rahul Thatha (Naanum Rowdy thaan)


Every week the table will be updated with the eliminated contestants with respect to the Cook with Comali 3 episodes. 

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