Cook with Comali 3 Winner Name, 2022 Results, Runner Up, CWC3 Grand Finale, Prize Money, Finalists

Cook with Comali 3 Winner Name, 2022 Results, Runner Up, CWC3 Grand Finale, Prize Money, Finalists

Cook with Comali 3 Winner Name, Grand Finale 2022 Results, Runner-ups (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Place Names List)

Cook with Comali 3 Winner Name Positions

CWC 3 Winners Name

Cook with Comali 2022 Winner Prize money

Cook with Comali 3 Title Winner (1st place)


5 Lakh cash prize and 1 Lakh kitchen worth appliances

Cooku with Comali 2022 1st Runner Up (2nd place)


3 Lakh cash prize, 75,000 cash from Sakthi Masala and 5000 cash prize from KAG tiles

CWC 3 2nd Runner Up (3rd place)

Ammu Abhirami

Special gift hamper

CWC 2022 special prize

Vidyu Lekha, Santhosh Prathap, Grace Karunas


Cook with Comali 3 Winner 2022 Prediction: Star Vijay CWC3 Grand Finale, Who wins Cooku with Comali 3 Winner 2022?

The winner of Cook with Comali 3 will be selected based on the judges’ scores. The telecast date of the CWC3 grand finale is 24th July 2022 on Vijay Television.

CWC 3 Top 6 Finalists

Based on performance, the judges directly choose Shruthika, Ammu Abhirami, Darshan, Vidyu Lekha, Santhosh Prathap, and Grace Karunas as CWC season 3 finalists. Due to their outstanding performances, the top 6 finalists qualified for the CWC S3 grand finale.

Darshan Winner of Cook With Comali Season 3?

Among all Darshan is found exhibiting highly novel and creative dishes each week. He has been tagged the consistent performer of the week by the judges.

In one round Chef Venkatesh Bhat lifts him and declares him superior in cooking based on the innovation and creativity he has given to his dish. He always impresses the judges by infusing international dishes with traditional ingredients.

Winning chances for Shruthika?

Shruthika also seems to be a tough contestant. She is loved by all for her kind gesture and innocent nature. She never fails to impress the judges with her cooking. She was the first contestant to enter the finale of CWC3.

Can Karunas win CWC 3 title? 

Grace Karunas is one of the contestants who terrifies her co-contestants. She is a strong cook and has entered the finale through the wildcard round. She is expected to give a tough competition to the other contestants.

The main competition is expected to exist between Darshan, Shruthika, and Grace Karunas. But, the decision completely relies based on the dish the contestants provide on the final day and the judge's scores.

We anticipate "Darshan as the winner of Cook with Comali 3".

We congratulate all the finalists and wish them only the best for the grand finale to win the CWC3 title and be crowned the winner.

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