Cook with Comali 4 16th July 2023 Episode 50, 6th Finalist Wild Card Contestant Name

Cook with Comali 4 16th July 2023 Episode 50, 6th Finalist Wild Card Contestant Name

Cook With Comali 4 16th July 2023 Written Update, CWC 4 Episode 50, Watch Full Show Online, Competitive Round, Pairing, Wild Card Week, Advantage Task Winner, 6th Finalist Contestant Name

Cook with Comali 4 16th July 2023 Episode Written Update

The episode 50 of Cook with Comali Season 4 begins with the host Rakshan welcoming everyone and the “Baba Black Sheep” team. 

Picking of main ingredients

The picking of main ingredients takes place by a fun task where they have to choose a balloon which shows the name of the ingredient when blasted. 

The chosen main ingredients for the cooks are listed below:

Kaalayan and Sarath– Fruit

Andy and Kuraishi - Vegetable

Sherin and Silmisham Siva – Vegetable

Vishal and Sunita – Flower

Rajayappa and Pugazh – Vegetable

Gajesh and Monisha – Fruit

Kishore and G.P. Muthu – Fruit

Since Kishore has won the advantage task, he can either choose some other ingredient for himself by swapping it with any other cook. 

He swaps his ingredient with Vishal and so Kishore gets flowers and Vishal gets fruit as the main ingredients.

Main Task 1

The hindrance for the main cooking is announced and it is known as the “Face the mirror” hindrance where a mirror is used as the hindrance between the cooks and the comalis. 

The cooks have to sit with their backs to their workstations and have to guide them by seeing the reflections on their mirrors. 

If there is any foul, they have to undergo some kind of punishment in a ball pit which is kept at the set. 

The cooking takes place for 50 minutes and the entire cooking has to be done by the comalis meanwhile the cooks can join the comalis when they hear the sire at regular intervals. 

The task begins and the comalis start picking the ingredients after asking the instructions from their cooks. 

The cooks feel that the hindrance is very tough and it is difficult to cook in the Wild Card Round.

Vishal and Srushti mock Rajayappa as he asks Pugazh to bring pineapple but his main ingredient has to be a vegetable. 

Pugazh complains the same thing about his cook Rajayappa to Chef Damu and Silmisham Siva mocks Sherin for using the mirror to do her makeup. 

Andy complains that people always steal ingredients from her workstation when Siva asks for a carrot from her.

The members of the team “Baba Black Sheep” also have fun with the cooks and comalis by visiting their workstations. 

The siren rings and the cooks get the chance to cook at regular intervals and the comalis relax by sitting on the chairs of the cooks.

The task ends and before tasting the dishes, the team of “Baba Black Sheep” shares certain things about the movie. 

Then, the results of the first round are announced in which three teams are selected for the next task.

The teams which are selected for the main task are listed as follows:

Rajayappa – Pugazh

Sherin – Silmisham Siva

Andy – Kuraishi

Main Task 2

The three teams have to cook a unique dish and only one cook will get the chance to enter the finale of Cook with Comali Season 4 as the 6th finalist. 

Chef Venkatesh Bhat announces that they are going to cook a dish that they think will take them to the finale for sure. 

In this “Finalist Cooking Challenge”, the cooks have to compete with each other to win a ticket to the finale and the task takes place for 30 minutes.

The cooks complete their tasks by giving their best and the results are announced. 

Andy (Andreanne Nouyrigat) becomes the 6th finalist of Cook with Comali Season 4 and she shares her experience and how happy she is. 

The show ends with the distribution of gift vouchers to the best cooks of Wild Card Round and gifts to the best comalis.

Let’s wait and watch the finale of Cook with Comali Season 4 to know who wins the title of the show.

End of today's Cook with Comali Season 4 16th July 2023 written update. 

Cook with Comali Season 4 16th July 2023 Episode Update Promo

In the latest promo for Cook with Comali 4 (16-07-2023), Chef Venkatesh Bhat announces that the cooks are going to face a hindrance in the main task called “Face the Mirror Hindrance”.

The cooks have to face the mirror and provide instructions while the comalis cook under their guidance. 

The cooks and comalis will be given a fun punishment if the cooks turn around and see the comalis directly.

There is some commotion among the comalis as they feel that heavier work are assigned to them constantly for the past few episodes.

This is because the comalis are made to do the main cooking in this episode like how they did for the past few weeks.

This week's trending promo for CWC Season 4 (16 July 2023) shows Chef Bhat sharing his views on the Wild Card Round. 

He says that all the cooks have given a great comeback by making fantastic dishes and finally he announces the 6th finalist of Cook with Comali Season 4.

To learn more, download Cook with Comali Season 4 Episode 50 or watch full episodes online at Star Vijay on Saturday at 9.00 PM, Sunday at 9.30 PM, and Disney+Hotstar.                                         

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