Cook with Comali 4 19th February 2023, CWC 4 Episode 8, Immunity Week, Band Winner

Cook with Comali 4 19th February 2023, CWC 4 Episode 8, Immunity Week, Band Winner

Cook With Comali 4 19th February 2023 Written Update, CWC 4 Episode 8, Advantage Winner, Watch Full Show Online, Task Winner This Week, Pairing, Immunity cooking

Cook with Comali 4 19th February 2023 Episode Written Update

Cooku with Comali 19th February 2023 starts with the host Rakshan welcoming the cooks and the chefs and later announcing advantage winner as Andreann and Sunita Gogoi.

The judge Damu tells everyone that it’s a ‘Parotta Salna Challenge’. The cooks have to make the best salna or gravy for parotta. The hindrance is Music Headphone challenge. Music will be played, but the cooks has to instruct the comali’s for cooking.

The cooks are finding it difficult to instruct the cooks. Shrusthi gets angry as GP Muthu is not listening to the instructions.

Rakshan and Pugazh sing a song named ‘Yaathe Yaathe’ for Andreann.

Mainmegalai teases Raaj Ayyapan for his cooking.

Kureshi asks Andreann if she has done cooking well or not.

Sivaangi, Monisha and Manimegalai dance together for Ranjithame Song.

Mime Gopi – Saarpatta Salna (Good cooking)

Sivaangi –Jackfruit Rohan Josh (Wonderful cooking)

Kaalaiyan – Empty Salna (Good cooking)

Shrusti – Vegetable Salna (Good one)

Sherin – South Indian Egg curry (Chicken is well cook)

Andreann – Pondicherry bypass curry (Good one)

Vishal – Mutton Nenju elumbu Salna (A bit salty)

Raaj Ayyapan – Chicken Salna (Consistency is less)

Sivaangi, Mime Gopi, Andreann and Kaalaiyan go the immunity level of cooking.

As it is a valentine’s week, the immunity cook-off is based on ‘Rose’. The cooks have to make a dish within 25 minutes.

Mime Gopi expresses his love towards his wife in the form of mime.  Kaalaiyan shares his love story. Chef Venkatesh Bhatt shares his experiences of his childhood love days.

Andreann – Kanmani cupcake (Fantabulous cooking)

Kaalaiyan – Rose Jam (Wonderful cooking)

Mime Gopi – Rose Cupcake (Good cooking)

Sivaangi – Rose Crumbolle with Rose dipped cream (Fantastic cooking)

As it a Valentine’s week, Kaalaiyan shares a love poem as a symbol of love. Andreann shares a dialogue from Alaipayuthey film.Later, Sivaangi sings a song called ‘Rojave Thaalattum Thendral’.

This week Immunity band is won by Andreann and Sunita Gogoi.

Cook with Comali 4 19th February 2023 Episode Update Promo

Cooku with Comali Season 4 is a fun cooking show currently airing on Vijay TV. It is aimed to entertain viewers in a unique way through a cookery presentation.

The latest promo for Cook with Comali (19-02-2023) shows the week as Immunity Week.

As the comali's have already been paired up with the cooks, now the comali's have to help the cooks in the main cooking. The main cooking challenge is called the 'Parotta Salna Challenge'.

This week’s trending promo for CWC Season 4 (19 February 2023) depicts the hindrance as 'Music Headphone Hindrance' where the comalis have to wear a musical headphone for the entire 45 minutes of cooking.

The advantage task winner will have 10 minutes of no-hindrance cooking.

The person who makes the best gravy for Parotta will be considered for the next round. To win the task, all the cooks put in their effort.

GP Muthu pairs up with Shristi and he doesn't listen to the cook and cooks a dish on his own.

Kureshi makes fun of Chef Bhatt by singing ' Poda Poda Punaaku'.

The one who makes the best gravy will move to the immunity cook-off. Who will win the immunity band this week?

To get to know more, download Cook with Comali Season 4 or watch full episodes online at Star Vijay on Saturday and Sunday at 9.30 PM and Disney+Hotstar.

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