Cook with Comali 4 21st May 2023, CWC 4 Episode 34, Eliminations, Shanthanu Bhagyaraj Ep

Cook with Comali 4 21st May 2023, CWC 4 Episode 34, Eliminations, Shanthanu Bhagyaraj Ep

Cook With Comali 4 21st May 2023 Written Update, CWC 4 Episode 34, Watch Full Show Online, Eliminations, Pairing, Immunity Band, Advantage Task Winners, Banana Family Challenge, Shanthanu Bhagyaraj Episode

Cook with Comali 4 21st May 2023 Episode Written Update

The show begins with the host Rakshan welcoming all the contestants to the show.

The main cooking challenge is based on the Banana Family. Comalis have to select the ingredient from the board by blindfolding them.

Vichithra - Banana Stem

Mime Gopi - Banana

Kiran - Ripe Banana

Sivaangi - Banana Stem

Gajesh - Banana Flower

Andrean - Banana Flower

Andrean has the advantage to swap ingredients so she swipes Kiran and Mime Gopi.

So, Mime Gopi gets Ripe Banana and Kiran gets Banana

The hindrance to this main cooking is the cycling challenge.

Movie cast Marakuma Nenjam joins the team for the promotion of their film.

Director Yogendran Babu shares his experience working in the film.

Rakshan is the hero and he shares his experience in the film.

Sivaangi shares a list of ingredients with Pugazh and he gets confused.

Shristi scolds Pugazh for not working.

Andrean is thinking about the ingredients to cook.

Andrean and GP Muthu ride the cycle together.

Chef Damu teases Kureishi for not cooking well.

Kureishi enjoys his cycling hindrance.

Sunita sings the “Kangal Irundal” song by riding her cycle.

Chef Damu fights with Kureishi for not spelling the ingredients well.

Thangadurai makes cringe jokes and irritates everyone.

Actor Shanthanu and Actress Anandhi join the show for the promotions of the film Ravanna Kottam.

They share their experience working in the film.

Mime Gopi - Kofta Gravy (Wonderful cooking)

Vichithra - Chingi mach diya thor chechi (Good one)

Gajesh - Steamed Vaalipoo with Rice wraps (Well-tried)

Andrean - Pushpam Salad (Wonderful)

Sivaangi  - Vaalainthandu Vellington. (Amazing)

Kiran - Surya Kala (Good one)

Chef of the week - Vichithra and Monisha

Elimination Cook-off

Kiran and Gajesh go to the elimination cook-off.

They have to cook a dish based on Nookal and Crab within 30 minutes.

Gajesh - Crab roll wrap (Good one)

Kiran - Rangoon crab (very good)

Gajesh gets eliminated from today’s CWC episode.

Cooku with Comali 4 21st May 2023 Episode Update Promo 

Cooku with Comali Season 4 is an entertaining combined cooking show currently airing on Vijay TV. With a three-year success rate, it has been relaunched for season four to entertain viewers in a distinctive manner through a cookery presentation.

The latest promo for Cook With Comali (21-05-2023) depicts that it is Elimination Week.

GP Muthu disguises himself as Ma Ka Pa and performs similarly to him.

Vichithra selects Koffee with DD and Monisha disguises as DD and pairs with her.

Thangadurai disguises himself as Madurai Muthu and creates cringe jokes and makes everyone laughs.

This week’s trending promo for CWC Season 4 (21 May 2023) shows the main cooking challenge as Banana Family Challenge.

The hindrance to this main cooking challenge is cycling. Cooks have to ride the cycle and give instructions to the comalis.

Meanwhile, Actor Shanthanu joins the show as a special guest!

To learn more, download Cook with Comali Season 4 Episode 34 or watch full episodes online at Star Vijay on Saturday at 9.00 PM and Sunday at 9.30 PM and Disney+Hotstar.

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