Cook with Comali 4 5th March 2023, CWC 4 Episode 12, Immunity Band, Advantage Winner

Cook with Comali 4 5th March 2023, CWC 4 Episode 12, Immunity Band, Advantage Winner

Cook With Comali 4 5th March 2023 Written Update, CWC 4 Episode 12 Guests, Watch Full Show Online, Task Winner This Week, Guests Episode, Pairing

Cook with Comali 4 5th March 2023 Episode Written Update

Today's episode begins with the host Rakshan welcoming all the Cooks and Comalis to the show. Later, the judges are also invited.

The main cooking is based on 'Thalai Vaalaiyilai Challenge'. Cooks have to make 3 dishes with 2 starters and 1 main course. The cooks have to cook the dishes for a period of 1 hour and 10 minutes.

As Kaalaiyan has won the advantage, he has to choose a cook so that their cooking time will be reduced to 1 hour. Vichithra's cooking time is reduced to 1hour.

The hindrance to this cooking is 'Sola Kaatu Pommai' challenge. The cooks or the Comalis will be tied to the sticks and be blindfolded using masks.

Grandma's from old age home join the show for tasting the cooking done by the cooks.

Rakshan, Raveena and Pugazh mock Vichithra as she is not able to cook.

Chef Venkatesh Bhatt plays with all the cooks as they are not able to see.

Kaalaiyan - Chicken Varuval, vanjarameen varuval, mutton gravy 

Shristhi - Kathirikka stuffed gravy, vaalaikkai stuffed fry

Andreann - Nethili prawn gravy, fish bonda

Mime Gopi - Akkara vadisal, Moor kolambu, mookula vada

Sivaangi - Kappa Vada, Senaikkilangu Policchathu, Ullitheeyal

Raaj Ayyappa - Mutton Biriyani, Kola urundai, karuveppilai chicken

Sherin - akkir rotti with agil kaai, mathur vada

Vichithra - Fish nirwana, Gandhaari prawns, nethili varuval 

VJ Vishal - Potlam chicken, chilli chicken

Immunity Cook - Off

Sherin, Vichithra, Sivaangi, and Kaalaiyan go to the next round of immunity cooking.

The immunity cook-off is based on pongal.

Cooks have to make a pongal of any variety within 25 minutes.

Kaalaiyan - aval pongal

Vichithra - arogya pongal

Sherin - Rose pongal

Sivaangi - Kalkandu pongal

Sivaangi and Silmisham Siva is the immunity band winner of this week.

Cooku with Comali 4 5th March 2023 Episode Update Promo

Cooku with Comali Season 4 is a fun mixed cooking show currently airing on Vijay TV. With a success rate for the past three years, it has again been lauched for season 4 to entertain viewers again in a unique way through a cookery presentation.

The latest promo for Cook with Comali (05-03-2023) shows the week as Immunity Week.

The Comalis dress up as different village characters for this week of cooking.

The second advantage task is the 'Coconut removal challenge'. The contestants have to remove the coconut from the shell and cut them equally.

The one with the more quantity will win the advantage.

Kaalaiyan and Pugazh make a Titanic pose and make fun on the stage.

This week’s trending promo for CWC Season 4 (5 March 2023) depicts the main cooking challenge, called the 'Thalai Vaalaiyilai Challenge'.

The hindrance to this round of cooking is the 'Sola Kaatu Challenge'.

Either the Cook or the Comali will be tied up to a stick and they have to stand for a period of 10 minutes.

Three different dishes have to be made and to taste their dish, the Grand Ma's who are expert in making these generations come to taste them and act as judges.

To get to know more, download Cook with Comali Season 4 Episode 12 or watch full episodes online at Star Vijay on Saturday at 9.00 PM and Sunday at 9.30 PM and Disney+Hotstar.

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