Cook with Comali 4 8th July 2023 Episode 47, Semi Finale Week, 2nd Finalist Name Reveal Today

Cook with Comali 4 8th July 2023 Episode 47, Semi Finale Week, 2nd Finalist Name Reveal Today

Cook With Comali 4 8th July 2023 Written Update, CWC 4 Episode 47, Eliminations, Watch Full Show Online, Competitive Round, Pairing, Semi Finale Week, 2nd Finalist Name, Advantage Task Winner

Cook with Comali 4 8th July 2023 Episode Written Update

The show begins with the enthusiastic dance of anchors Rakshan and Manimegalai and they welcome the cooks while the comalis are in their room.

The hosts announce that it is the Semifinal week and they welcome the judges Chef Damu and Actor Suresh instead of Chef Venkatesh Bhat.

Chef Damu says that it is going to be a tough week and calls for the properties needed for the pairing of cooks and comalis.

The pairing takes place by the cooks selecting any one of the four boxes before them.

Each box contains the properties which represent the characters of romantic couples in Tamil Cinema.

Each cook gets two comalis who are in the getup of the Kollywood characters.

Mime Gopi gets Sunita and G.P. Muthu as his comalis.

Pairing of cooks & comalis this week!

The following pairing is as follows:

Srushti pairs with Monisha and Thangadurai Rakshan asks Monisha and Gopi to do a fun mime performance.

Sivaangi pairs with Pugazh and Adhirchi Arun.

Kiran ends up pairing with Kuraishi and Bharath.

Then Chef Damu announces the advantage task of making Jackfruit chips and the Chef announces that each cook will get an entire Jackfruit and a small knife.

Just then, a gong bell is placed beside the chef’s table.

Advantage Task 1

Only one comali works at a time in the workstation and after hearing the gong bell swapping of the comalis should take place.

The cook can work only for the last 5 minutes while the team with the maximum amount of chips can enter the next phase of the advantage task.

Only 3 teams will be selected for round 2 after round 1 which takes place for 30 minutes.

The four comalis Bharath, G.P. Muthu, Thangadurai, and Arun start the work and the cooks stand beside them at a few feet distances giving them ideas and instructions.

The comalis struggle a lot to open the fruit and the swapping of comalis takes place from time to time.

The comalis extract the fruit pulp from the sap as soon as possible and make fun of the chaotic work of cutting the fruit.

Chef Damu and Actor Suresh inspect the workstation and have fun with the comalis and the anchors.

Then, the comalis chop the pulp into pieces for making the chips.

The cooks join the work during the last 5 minutes and the task ends and Chef Damu weighs the chips of each team.

Manimegalai asks Bharath to sing a song for them and Sivaangi joins Bharath in singing.

Chef Damu announces that except for Kiran’s team, the remaining 3 teams are selected for the next round.

Advantage Task 2

Chef Damu reveals the next task which is named as ‘Pineapple Juice Challenge’.

The task takes place for 15 minutes where the cook and 2 comalis work for 5 minutes each.

Only a grater is given to them for making the juice and they have to squeeze the fruit using a white cloth to extract the juice.

The team which makes the maximum amount of juice wins the task.

Finally, Mime Gopi wins the advantage task along with Sunita and G.P. Muthu and Chef Damu spices the game by asking the anchors to bring the ingredients for the main cooking.

Rakshan says that the semifinals cooking challenge is named as “Toughest Ingredient Challenge”.

There are six different tough ingredients in the devil bowls brought by the anchors.

Chef Damu asks Mime Gopi to open one bowl and the episode ends before he opens it.

Let’s wait and watch the next episode to know the next finalists of Cooku with Comali -Season 4.

End of today's Cook with Comali Season 4 8th July 2023 written update.

Cooku with Comali 4 8th July 2023 Episode Update Promo

Cooku with Comali, currently running on Vijay TV, is Season 4 of a fun mixed cooking show. It has been revived for season four with a three-year success rate to provide viewers with a unique cooking presentation of entertainment.

The latest promo for Cook with Comali (08-07-2023) indicates that it is Semi-Finals Week!!

It is clear that it is going to be a very challenging week for the cooks.

The challenges look extremely spicy for the cooks and for the audience as well as the first challenge comes with the main ingredients of the food.

The promo shows that various unique ingredients which are difficult to cook are given to the cooks this week.

The ingredients consist of Sundakkai (Turkey berry), Theyilai (Tea leaves), Meen muttai (Fish eggs), Koonai Poo (Artichoke), and Kalleeral (Goat liver).

The moment when the cooks try to digest this challenge, Chef Damu spices up the game by giving them a chance to take revenge on their opponents.

It means the cooks have to choose the main ingredient for each other considering how tough their fellow cooks would be. 

Due to this, the game can’t get any better than this.

Actor Suresh joins the show instead of Chef Venkatesh Bhat this week.

Plus, since there are only four cooks, two comalis are given to each cook.

The second direct finalist of Cook with Comali will be unveiled at the conclusion of this week's program.

This week's trending promo for CWC Season 4 (08 July 2023) shows each pair of comalis given the characters from Kollywood movies and the cooks choose their comalis by picking any one of the boxes.

Each box contains a property that indicates two characters from a movie.

The pairing is as follows:

Mime Gopi pairs with Sunita and G.P.Muthu; Srushti pairs with Monisha and Thangadurai; Kiran pairs with Kuraishi and Bharath; Sivaangi pairs with Pugazh and Athirchi Arun.

Let’s wait and watch how they cook their dishes with dedication topped with revenge, fun, and entertainment.

This week's trending promo for CWC Season 4 (8 July 2023) shows the Cook with Comali contestants preparing for the semi-finals.

To learn more, download Cook with Comali Season 4 Episode 47 or watch full episodes online at Star Vijay on Saturday at 9.00 PM, Sunday at 9.30 PM, and Disney+Hotstar.

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