Cook with Comali Wiki, Promos, CWC 3 Comedians, S3 Contestants, Judges, Hosts

Cook with Comali Wiki, Promos, CWC 3 Comedians, S3 Contestants, Judges, Hosts

Cook with Comali Wiki/Wikipedia/Review: CWC Season 3 Latest Updates

The most awaited Star Vijay's Tamil Comedy-Cookery show Cooku with Comali Season 3 is back with a bang. The show was launched on 22.01.2022.

The blockbuster show CWC 3 with much expectation was launched with 10 new sets of Contestants. Here the contestants are called the Cooks and Comedians are called Comali’s.

Cook with Comali is a show where all the 10 contestants exhibit their cooking talents. Comali's are present in this show to make the show more funnier and interesting.

Every week a Cook pair up with a comali for their cooking task and the one with the least score gets eliminated in alternative weeks. Finally, 5 contestants are present to compete in the finale.

Like past two seasons of Cooku with Comali, Anchor Rakshan is hosting the show, and the most popular Chef Venkatesh Bhat and Chef Dhamu are the judges.

The laughter riot show will entertain viewers all around the world both on Vijay TV & the Hotstar OTT platform. Cook With Comali 3 show will be telecasted on all Saturdays and Sundays at 9.30 pm.

Cooku with Comali 3 (CWC3) Details

Name of the show

Cooku with Comali 3/ Cook with Comali S3

Name of the Show in Tamil

குக்கு வித் கோமாளி 3


Vijay Television

OTT platform


Telecast timings

9.30 pm

Telecast days

Saturdays & Sundays



Number of Seasons





Chef Damodharan (Dhamu) & Chef Venkatesh Bhat


Media Masons

Comali's of the Season 3 of Cook With Comali:

Comali's from the previous seasons

New Comali's of this season 3


Kureshi (KPY)

Vettukili Bala

Bharath (Super Singer)


Mookuthi Murugan (Super Singer)

Sunita Gogoi

Adhirchi Arun (Blacksheep)


Sheethal Clarin (Instagram fame)

Pugazh is found appearing in some episodes and could not participate in some episodes because of his movie shooting schedules lining up.

Contestants of Season 3 of CWC and their Elimination/Selection status:

Sr No.

Name of the Contestant Status


Abirami (Rakshasan - Ammu) Ongoing


Anthony Dasan(Singer) Ongoing


Darshan (Kanaa) Ongoing


Grace Karunas (Singer) Ongoing


Mano Bala (Actor) Ongoing


Rahul Thatha (Naanum Rowdy thaan) Eliminated


Roshni Haripriyan (Bharathi Kannamma) Ongoing


Santhosh Prathap (Sarpatta Parambarai) Ongoing


Shrutika Arjun (Actress) Ongoing


Vidyullekha Raman (Vidyu) Ongoing

Rule/Format of the show CWC3:

The weekend show Cook with comali, has 10 contestants who compete with each other to win the CWC3 title.

Contestants cook along with Comali's each week to prepare delicious dishes as per the judges' instructions to impress them.

Each cook will be paired with a Comali before commencing to cook, and the pairs vary each week. Pairing is done with some simple selection tasks.

Funny and disturbing tasks are given to all the pairs of Cooks and Comali’s between cooking to make it still more difficult. Despite all these hurdles the cooks must complete their tasks and present their dishes before the chef.

Gradually, contestants are eliminated from the show based on their performance. One week will be an elimination round and the other will be an immunity round.

The one who wins the immunity round will have be protected from elimination.

The one who sustains all the hurdles will finally be declared the winner.

Cook with Comali 3 TRP Rating:

Cook with Comali 3 is Star Vijay's world-famous comedy cooking show, with a significant TRP rating in Tamil. For the past three seasons, including the current third season, CWC has attracted viewers of all ages.

Despite the fact that CWC3 had a strong TRP rating this season, it is lower than in prior seasons. Season 1 had a TRP of 9.75, Season 2 had a TRP of 13.97, while the current season's TRP has dropped to 8.7.

The main cause for this is because the show's timing has changed from 6.30 p.m. earlier season to 9.30 p.m. this season. The audience was dissatisfied by the absence of the crowd's favourite Comali Pugazh.

Cooku with Comali 3rd season staff is investing in more work to produce the show more fascinating, which will ultimately lead to higher TRP ratings.

Cook with Comali 3 Trailer/Teaser/Promo

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Will Pugazh be a part of Cook with Comali season 3?

A. Pugazh will not be a part of the show because he is busy with his movie shooting schedules. He is expected to make a cameo visit in the upcoming episodes.

Q. Will there be a change in telecast time of Cooku with comali 3?

A. No, the episodes of Season 3 will be telecasted at 9.30 pm.

Q. Who is Roshni Haripriyan from CWC 3?

A. Roshni Haripriyan is a serial artist. She played the role of Kannamma in the serial Bharathi Kannamma.

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