Dance Deewane Juniors 16th July 2022 Written Update, Semi Finale, Finale Guests Today

Dance Deewane Juniors 16th July 2022 Written Update, Semi Finale, Finale Guests Today

Dance Deewane Juniors 16th July 2022 Written Update: Telecast Timings at 10:30 PM, Watch Full Dance Deewane Juniors Episode Online, Semi Finale Saturday, Grand Finale Sunday, Today's Guests - Aamir Khan Special Episode, Ranbir Kapoor, Vaani Kapoor Samshera

Colors TV dance reality show Dance Deewane Juniors has finally reached its grand finale with their top 4 contestants who will be competing again each other for the title of the Winner of Dance Deewane Juniors season 2022.

The new promo of Dance Deewane Junior on 16-07-2022 for the weekend shows a fierce dance battle between Prateek and All-Stars while Ranbir Kapoor and Vaani Kapoor will come to promote their new movie Shamshera.

Dance Deewane Juniors Kids continue on with their challenging performances and impress the audience and the judges with their speechless performances.

The latest promo of Dance Deewane Juniors Kids shows contestant Prateek performing on "Oh Sawariya" with the hat as a prop and impressing the special judge Nora Fateh.

The promo of 16 July 2022 Dance Deewane Juniors also shows the All-Stars dance group performing the song "Raafta Raafta mashup" with full energy and enthusiasm. Special Judge Neetu Kapoor gets surprised by the energetic dance performance and says that she supports them to win the show.

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Dance Deewane Juniors 16th July 2022 New Promo:

Dance Deewane Juniors 16th July 2022 Written Update:

Today's Dance Deewane Juniors 16th July 2022 episode starts with the special entry of Ranbir Kapoor and Vaani Kapoor.

Ranbir thanks the audience and the contestants for becoming his mother, Neetu Kapoor's family on the show.

Further, Ranbir reveals the trophy while host Karan reveals that the votes are already being counted as the episode is airing.

Further, Karan reveals that Judge Nora Fateh will not be present due to health issues.

For the first performance, the mothers of All Stars dance crew announce them, and the crew's amazing performance with captain Tushar on the song 'Sadda Hak' including stunning moves earns the praises from the judges.

All the judges stand on the chair to give a standing ovation and also dance with Nani on stage.

Afterward, All Star crew requests all the judges to dance with them.

Everyone looks for Aditya Patil's grandfather while Ranbir announces the grandfather's entry who is adorning a suit gifted by Ranbir Kapoor.

An emotional moment occurs as Aditya and Grandfather show their gratitude to Ranbir for gifting the suit.

For the second performance, Aditya and captain Pratik's aerial performance to the song 'Kaise Hua' stuns the judges and the audience.
Further, Ranbir relives Neetu's old memories by dancing with her to Rishi Kapoor's songs.

For the third performance, Captain Sonali and Neet Bagga's alluring performance of the song 'Meri Jaan' hypnotize the judges with their fusion of multiple dance genres.

The contestants reveal that they have made a special performance for Ranbir and dance with them to the song from their new movie 'Shamshera'.

For the fourth performance, Captain Pratik and Prateek Naik's performance to the song 'Masha-Allah' with a surprising twist of fusion twist dedicated to Judge Neetu impresses everyone.

Lastly, Captain Tushar Shetty and Pratik reveal that they are huge fans of Vaani Kapoor and request a dance with them.

End of Dance Deewane Juniors Episode 16th July 2022, Episode 23.

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