Dance Deewane Juniors 1st May 2022, DDJ Season 2022 Rishi Kapoor Tribute Today

Dance Deewane Juniors 1st May 2022, DDJ Season 2022 Rishi Kapoor Tribute Today

Dance Deewane Junior 1st May 2022 Written Update: Episode 4, Cast, Next Guests, Selected Contestants, Watch Full Show Episode Online on Voot App

Colors TV dance reality show Dance Deewane Juniors showcases their talented juniors on the stage with different backgrounds and stories.

Dance Deewane Juniors is getting popularity for their highly talented kids who dance better than professional dancers.

The new promo of Dance Dewaane Junior (1.05.2022) for this weekend gave us a glimpse of Neetu Kapoor dancing to Rishi Kapoor’s famous song “Dafliwaale” to pay tribute to her late husband and thank the audience for showering love on her family. 

In the recent promo of Dance Deewaane Junior, the judges and the contestants of Dance Diwane Junior pay a tribute to Rishi Kapoor while Neetu Kapoor gets emotional during her performance.

Neetu Kapoor says that Rishi Kapoor is surely watching them from heaven and showering all the juniors with his blessings.

In the latest promos of Dance Diwane Juniors (1 May 2022), Karan Kundra enjoys his interaction with the contestants of DDJ backstage and shares the madness and the vibes of the show.

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Dance Deewane Junior 1st May 2022 Episode Update, Latest Promo:

Dance Deewane Juniors 1st May 2022 Written Update:

Today's episode of Dance Deewane Junior 1st May 2022 starts with a sassy performance of Falak who is loved by the judges.

The dhakad performance impressed the judges and they presented Falak with the power play trophy.

For the second performance Spriha, Manthan Pathak, Barbie Roy, and Swagatam Pal arrive as C Company with their contemporary style as expertise.

They immediately receive the Power Play button and the judges love them for their dance style.

Various performers get selected and receive the power play button and get their power plays.

The third performance by Runjuna gets her selected in the next round as she receives the power play trophy with her level of expertise.

Runjuna's heart-wrenching story touched the hearts of the judges and Neetu Kapoor offered Runjuna's brother the help with his treatment.

The fourth performance by Tanushree gets her to the next round as her impeccable energy levels amazed the judges.

Tanushree shares her story of improving the conditions of her school through her dance.

Later, Dhruv gets selected for the next round through his new dance style hip hop mixed with a twist of krump.

Dhruv shares his story of bullying and judges motivate him to keep going and ignore the haters.

The next performance by Arnav impresses the judges and he immediately bags the power play trophy.

Arnav's hard work even after going through a traumatic experience gets appreciated by the judges.

Later, special guests Kartik Aryan and Kiara Advani arrive on the stage of Dance Deewane Juniors with a bang.

End of Dance Deewane Juniors 1st May 2022, Episode 4.

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