Dance Deewane Juniors 3rd July 2022 Written Update, New Telecast Timings

Dance Deewane Juniors 3rd July 2022 Written Update, New Telecast Timings

Dance Deewane Juniors 3rd July 2022 Written Update: Full online Dance Deewane Juniors Episode, Nora Fatehi Judge in DDJ

Colors TV dance reality show Dance Deewane Juniors now airs at the 10:30 PM time slot on Sundays.

The new promo of DDJ 3-07-2022 for the weekend welcomes the new judge Farah Khan as a part of the DDJ family.

Dance Deewane Juniors Kids continue with their hardcore challenges and impress the audience with their impeccable performances.

The latest promo of Dance Deewane Juniors Kids shows contestant Riddhi performing on "Barso Re Megha" in full rain set-up.

The promo of 3 July 2022 shows Riddhi performing with full energy and executing her famous hook step of rotating her ponytail. Judge Farah Khan appreciates her performance and offers to be her heroine.

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Dance Deewane Juniors 3rd July 2022 New Promo:

Dance Deewane Juniors 3rd July 2022 Written Update:

Dance Deewane Juniors 3rd July 2022 starts with an introductory performance of Monsoon Masti Special with the entry of judge Farah Khan.

All Stars arrive with their first performance on Zingat and set the stage on an energetic loop.

All-Stars receive a standing ovation by judge Marzi.

Further, Prateek arrives with the monsoon special performance and plays the role of Bijli in his act.

Prateek receives a standing ovation from the judges.

Later, Marzi performs with Farah and Neetu Kapoor and the juniors judge them swapping the roles of the contestants and the judges.

Aditya arrives with his electrifying performance and performs as a rainbow.

Aditya receives positive responses from the judges.

Further, Riddhi arrives with her bubbly performance on 'Barso Re Megha' and performs in a rain setup.

For the next performance, Geet Bagga arrives with her monsoon special performance as a beautiful red flower.

Geet receives good reviews from the judges for her lively performance.

Further, Anshika arrives as a water droplet for her monsoon special performance and receives the power play button.

MD Raish arrives with his 'Lagaan-themed' performance and wins the heart of the audience.

Later, Anshika from team Tushar and MD Raish from team Sonali get eliminated from the DDJ.

End of Dance Deewane Juniors 3rd July 2022, Episode 20.

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