Dance Deewane Juniors 8th May 2022, Top Selected Contestants Today

Dance Deewane Juniors 8th May 2022, Top Selected Contestants Today

Dance Deewane Junior 8th May 2022 Written Update: Watch Full Dance Deewane Juniors Episode Online, Top 16 Contestants, Guests Ranveer Singh Episode 6

Colors TV kids dance reality show Dance Deewane Juniors is gaining popularity through its amazing dancers and guest list.

The recent promo of Dance Deewane Junior (08-05-2022) for this weekend shows us the hot moves of judge Nora Fatehi and the special guest Ranveer Singh on the 'Garmi' song.

Nora's grooves and Ranveer's moves increase the Garmi (hotness) on the stage of Dance Deewane Junior's new episode (8 May 2022) when Badshah joined Nora and Ranveer.

In the latest promo, the judges of Dance Deewane Junior new season are excited to choose the top sixteen contestants while the competition is getting tougher day by day.

One of the promos of DDJ kids gives a glimpse of hardworking contestants and the intensity of the competition through various performances.

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Dance Deewane Juniors 8th May 2022 New Promo:

Dance Deewane Junior 8th May 2022 Written Update:

Today's Dance Deewane Juniors 8th May 2022 episode starts with the first performance of Arnav and his dedication and hard work get him the position in the top fifteen.

For the second performance of the day, the All-Stars group surpasses the energy level and the judges appreciate their mind-boggling performance.

The third performance by Navjot impress the judges and they keep his result awaited.

For the fourth and fifth performances by Karan and Erva, Asja and Urva the kids impress the judges with their freestyle and swag which lead the judges to create a group of five contestants.

Later, Opps group and All-stars reserve their place in the hardcore fifteen through their dance battle.

On number five Gully Girls performance leave the judges emotional and they salute their hard work and dedication.

Prateek's funny and witty performance gets him directly into the top fifteen and the judges love his performance.

Later, Falak with her energetic performance impresses the judges and receives a round of applause along with the power play button for hardcore fifteen.

For the next performance for hardcore fifteen, Runjuna Das mesmerizes the judges with her innumerable cartwheels and acrobats.

Runjuna receives the powerplay and reserves her position in the hardcore fifteen.

End of 8th May 2022 written update.

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