Dance Deewane Juniors Winner, DDJ 2022 Results, Runner Up, Prize Money, Top 7 Finalists

Dance Deewane Juniors Winner, DDJ 2022 Results, Runner Up, Prize Money, Top 7 Finalists

Dance Deewane Juniors Winner Name, Grand Finale 2022 Results, Runner-Ups (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Place Names List)

Dance Deewane Juniors 2022 Position

Winners Name


Dance Deewane Junior Winner Prize Money

Dance Deewane Juniors 2022 Title Winner (1st place)

Aditya Patil

Dance Deewane Junior Trophy

20 Lakhs cash prize

Dance Deewane Juniors 1st Runner Up (2nd place)

Not Announced

Not Announced

DDJ 2022 2nd Runner Up (3rd place)



Season 2022 Dance Deewane Juniors 3rd Runner Up (4th finalist)



DDJ Season 2022 4th Runner Up (5th place)



Dance Deewane Juniors Title Winner 2022 Prediction, Who wins DDJ 2022?

The telecast date for the Grand Finale of Dance Deewane Juniors 2022 is 17 July 2022 and the winners will be selected from the Top 4 selected contestants who are the finalists of the show Dance Deewane Juniors Kids.

This season, contestants from all three captains are in the Top 4. Aditya Patil and Prateek from Gang Pratik, Geet from Gang Sonali, and All-Stars from Gang Tushar have qualified for the Top Four contestants. 

Aditya Patil is the first contestant to bag his position in the Top 4 and is a well-deserving contestant as he is great at his stunts and the consistency of his growth is appreciated by the judges throughout his journey. 

The most versatile of all All-Stars is one of the favorites group of the audience and the judges as they manage to impress the judges in every performance they do with a twist of humor and finesse.

All Stars is a group of versatile performers who have been the finalists and runners-up in various reality shows and know the intricacies of the dance style and work well in a group setting. Their huge fan following is proof that All-Stars are in real the stars of the Dance Deewane Juniors show.

Prateek has bagged the position of the Top four of Dance Deewane Juniors Kids through his consistency and discipline and is adored by the audience as 'little Ranbir Kapoor'.

Prateek performs will full dedication and has shown continuous growth in his skills, his unique dance style is incorporated well in the choreography and is his plus point in this competition.

Last but not least Geet who has gained immense popularity on social media through her moves with Nora and her cover performances, Geet is anticipated to give a tough competition to the finalists.

Geet has never failed to impress the judges with her energetic and peppy moves and has presented various dance forms on the stage, her lavni performance was considered one of her best performances on the show.

We anticipate "All Stars as the winner of the Dance Deewane Juniors 2022". 

Aaditya Patil is the winner of Dance Deewane Juniors 2022.

We wish all the best to all the contestants of DDJ 2022 to win the title of the show.

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