Dance India Dance Lil (Little) Masters 5 Elimination Today: Evicted Names 2022

Dance India Dance Lil (Little) Masters 5 Elimination Today: Evicted Names 2022

DID Little Masters 5 Eliminated Contestants: DID L'il Masters Season 2022 eviction by votes and scores

Zee TV's admired dancing reality show Dance India Dance (kids) Lil Masters is back with its fifth season after 4 years.

The on-ground auditions for DID Little Masters 2022 started on 2nd February 2022 in Delhi.

DID L'il Masters 5 aired on 12th March 2022 on Zee TV and this article contains the elimination details to be followed in the new season.

The contestants selected will compete week after week to gain scores to be safe from eviction.

For the first few weeks, the eliminations/evictions from DIDLM5 were based on the scores given by the judges on weekends.

However, after the tenth week, public voting will also be considered for the elimination of contestants.

On weekends, the contestant who gets the lowest judges' score and public voting combined will be ending their journey on the show.

Let's wait and see who gets eliminated (exit the show) and who gets to stay and continue their journey in the 5th season of DID Lil Masters 2022 and become the winner.

Dance India Dance Lil Masters Season 5 2022 Elimination Today (List of contestants eliminated this week)

On 26th June 2022, Nobojit is declared the winner of the DID Little Masters 5. Appun Pegu is the first runner up and Aadhyashree is the second runner up.

On 18th June 2022, Sadiya Parveen and Aarav Shreshta got eliminated just before the finale of DID Lil Masters 5. Sagar, Appun, Nobojit, Rishita, and Aadhyashree are selected for the finale as the Top 5.

On 12th June 2022, Mansi from Team Vartika is evicted and she bid the show DID bye.

On 5th June 2022, Sanvi Negi from Team Paul got eliminated from the DID Lil Masters 5.

On 29th May 2022, Shristi Negi gets voted out from season five of Dance India Dance Little Masters.

No elimination from Dance India Dance Litte Masters on 22nd May 2022. The top 10 contestants continue to fight to get maximum scores and votes.

Rupsa Batabyal gets evicted on 15th May 2022 from DID Little Master leaving behind the Top 10 contestants to compete in the future weeks.

On 8th May 2022, there was no elimination on the occasion of Mother's Day.

On 1st May 2022, Vighnesh Salunke got eliminated from DID L'il Masters 5 but kept a smile of positivity on his face.

The first elimination took place on 24th April 2022 in which three little dancers Srushty Kanaujiya, Anand Kumar, and Atharv Aggarwal ended their journey on DID Little Masters season 5.

    DID Little Masters 5 Elimination Status, Contestant Name with Team Leader (2022)

    Here is a table showing the status of each Dance India Dance 5 Lil Masters contestant including their other details.


    DID Li'l Masters 5 Contestant Name 

    Elimination Status

    Team Vaibhav


    Nobojit Narzary



    Appun Pegu

    First Runner Up


    Aadhyashree Upadhyay

    Second Runner Up


    Rishita Tanti



    Atharv Aggarwal


    Team Paul


    Sagar Varpe



    Sanvi Negi



    Aarav Shrestha



    Rupsa Batabyal



    Vighnesh Salunke


    Team Vartika


    Mansi Jadhav



    Sadiya Parveen



    Shristi Negi



    Srushty Kanaujiya



    Anand Kumar


    We will keep on updating the current and eliminated list of contestants in Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 5 2022.

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