Dance India Dance Little Masters 5 12th June 2022 Written Update, Challenge Week

Dance India Dance Little Masters 5 12th June 2022 Written Update, Challenge Week

Dance India Dance L'il Masters 5 12th June 2022 Written Update: DID Lil Masters 5 Full Show Online, Jay's funny tortoise dance

Zee TV'S DID Little Masters will entertain the audiences with various types of performances given by the Little Masters of the show.

In this week's Dance India Dance Little Masters, Bosco Martis and Shilpa Shetty will join the judging panel as guest judges.

The recent promo for DID Lil Masters Kids Season 5 (12-06-22) for this weekend shows Remo asking Jay if he misses Mithun da and Jay replies yes.

Hearing this, Remo orders Jay to perform his famous tortoise dance as a tribute to Mithun da which generates laughter among everyone.

One of the other promos of DID Lil Masters 5 (12 June 2022) shows, Aadhayashree performing as junior Munna Bhai which impresses everyone.

Later Aadhayashree asks Shilpa to give some advice to her mom on diet as her mom is fatty.

This question amuses Shilpa and she replies laughingly that Aadhayashree's mom needs yoga.

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Dance India Dance Little Masters 5 12th June 2022 Latest Promo:

Dance India Dance Lil Masters 5 12th June 2022 Written Update:

Today's DID Little Masters 5 12th June 2022 Update starts with Jay emotionally announcing that today is the grandparents' special day.

After the announcement, Aarav from team Paul gives a killing performance on the song "Bang Bang".

His performance stuns everyone and then Jay invites his grandpa on the stage.

Aarav's Nanu( Mom's father)and mummy tell  Aarav's childhood memories to everyone.

Aarav's mom even reveals that Aarav uses his Nanu's surname(mom's father).

Aarav Nanu then gives everyone momo to test.

After that, Nanu, Aarav, Paul and Appun's grandpa give a funny dance performance.

Further, Sagar from team Paul and Nobojit from team Vaibhav set the stage on fire with their sizzling performance on "Sultan song" which impresses everyone.

After their performance, Remo and Sonali come to the stage to praise them.

Sonali calls it a "buzzer breaker" performance.

Sagar Dadi then arrives at the stage and asks Sonali if she can prrform cast of evil eye on her.

Sonali happily agrees and Dadi performs the act.

While Jay is announcing another nsne, Bosco along with Rocket Gang cast make a gorgeous entry.

To continue the show, Aadhyashree and Rishita from team Vaibhav comes to the stage and Aadhyashree gets emotional seeing her grand parents.

After the reunion, Aadhayshee and Rishita's performance impresses everyone in the judge panel.

However, Rishita's mom tells everyone  that Rishita's grand parents don't care about her.

Later, Jay urges Appun grandpa to call his wife and he agrees.

Hearing this, she enters the stage and Appun grandpa confesses that he missed her a lot.

After that, Appun from team Vaibhav gives an heart warming performance with her grandpa which makes everyone emotional. She gets golden buzzer for her performance.

Bosco then tells everyone that God can not approaches us directly that's why he had made grandparents.

Later, Jay asks Sonali about her relationship with her grandparents.

To this, Sonali replies emotionally that her grandma was her emotional support.

Remo then asks Jay to perform tortoise dance in memory of Mithun da and Vaibhav and Paul join him for it.

Their performance generates images amount of laughter.

Seeing the performance, Robembo gives Jay his ride.

Further, Sadiya from team Vartika gives performs as Anarkali's soul while Varitka acts as Anarkali.

Her performance impresses everyone and her Dadi and Father arrive at the stage.

Her dadi tells everyone that she supports Sadiya in everything.

After that, Mansi from team Vartika performs salsa which surprises everyone.

She even gets standing ovation from the judges.

Later Bosco reveals the first poster of Rocket Gang movie on DID set.

In the end, Mansi from team Vartika gets eliminated.

End of today’s DID Lill Masters 12th June 2022 episode. 

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