Dance India Dance Little Masters 5 13th March 2022, DID Li'l Masters Episode 2

Dance India Dance Little Masters 5 13th March 2022, DID Li'l Masters Episode 2

Dance India Dance Li'l Masters 13th March 2022 Promo Written Update: Auditions, DIDLM 5, Season 5 Episode 2

Zee TV's dance reality show, DID Little Masters 2022 will be bringing the hidden talent of dance in the young generation of India to television from the corners of the world.

The recent promo for DID Lil Masters Season 5 (13-03-2022) for this weekend episode shows a kid named Ahmad Raja who is filled with the passion to dance though he does not have his upper limbs.

A new promo for DID L'il Masters 5 shows a participant's mother being scared of Mouni Roy because she has played the character of Naagin previously.

One of the promos also shows the host, Jay Bhanushali, talking to the participants as 'DID-Dashing Intelligent Dost'. As DID Jay gives various tasks to the kids like giving a bowl of milk to Mouni Roy considering her as a Naagin.

The latest promo of DID kids 5th season 2022 for this weekend (13 March 2022) shows a participant showcasing Mithun Chakraborty's moves in front of Remo on the order of DID. As all the judges are troubled by DID, Remo decides to find a permanent solution for this.

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DID L'il Masters 5 13th March 2022 Episode Update Promo:

DID L'il Masters 5 13th March 2022 Written Update:

Today’s DID L’il Masters Season 5 13th March 2022 starts with the introduction of DID L’il Masters Season 5 participants.

Appun Pegu, who is accompanied by her stepfather, is the first participant. Appun's stepfather claims that Appun has a hole in her heart. Later, she performs a dance on the song "Jee Karda," showing her dance skills.

Judges play Zip Zap Zoom and select Appun after being impressed by Appun Pegu's performance. All of the judges afterward congratulate Appun's step-grandfather for fulfilling all of her wishes.

Furthermore, Jay Bhanushali talks with some participants and allows them to express their true feelings.

Kanak is the next performer, and she asks Sonali Bendre to wake up Remo D'Souza so that she can dance. To wake up Remo D'Souza, Kanak sings in his ear.

All of the judges enjoy conversing with Kanak and admire her naughty behavior. Kanak then performs a dance on the song "Afghan Jalebi." Her amazing dancing moves and performance impressed the judges and they select her.

The next contestant is Sagar Varpe. Sagar's mother shares her displeasure with her husband's behavior. Later, Sagar's flexibility and energetic performance capture the judges' hearts and select him.

The next participant is Aksh Soni. For a joke, Remo D'Souza plays a game with him. On the song "Srivalli," Aksh shows off his dance moves. However, Aksh received a Zip Zap Zoom and was chosen.

To keep the show going, a girl named Sadiya Parveen arrives, who is passionate about dance. Sadiya's father describes how difficult life is for them. Sadiya shows her dance. All of the judges were impressed and amazed by her moves. They choose her for the next round.

Jay Bhanushali takes the participants and performs a magic performance on them. He terrifies all the kids.

End of today's 13th March 2022 DID L'il Masters episode.

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