Dance India Dance Little Masters 5 19th June 2022 Written Update, Finalist Contestants

Dance India Dance Little Masters 5 19th June 2022 Written Update, Finalist Contestants

Dance India Dance Lil Masters 5 19th June 2022 Written Update: DID Lil Masters Semi-Final Week, Finalists of DID Lil Masters 5

Zee TV’s Reality Show DID Lil Masters will entertain the audience with various unique dance performances given by Little Masters of the show.

As this week is semi-final week, all the Little Masters will give their best performance to enter the finale. This week Little Masters fans will come to the set to show support to their favorite Little Masters. After this week’s episode DID will get its final contestants.

The recent promo of DID Lil Masters 5 (19-06-2022) for this weekend’s episode shows Rishita from the team Vaibhav showcasing goddess Durga’s different personalities through her performance which amazes everyone.

One of the other promos also shows Aadhayshree from team Vaibhav performing a unique dance that impresses everyone.

After the performance, Jay welcomes a group of cleaners and they announce that they are here to support Aadhyashree. Hearing this, Aadhyashree gets happy and dances with them.

The latest promo of DID Little Masters 5 for this weekend shows that Appun from team Vaibhav amazing everyone with her killer apsara performance.

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DID Little Masters 5 19th June 2022 Latest Promo:

Dance India Dance Lil Masters 5 19th June 2022 Written Update:

Today’s DID Little Masters 19th June 2022 written update starts with Jay reminding the audience about the voting line.

He then announces that today little masters fans are coming to the set to cheer them up.

After that Nobojit’s little girl fans come to the stage and gift him chocolates.

Nobojit then gives an incredible performance of the "Kurban Hua" song.

Seeing his stunts, the judges along with others are shocked.

As excepted, he gets a standing ovation from everyone and Sonali calls it a "buzzer braker performance".

After that, Nobojit’s little girl fans come to the stage and request him to dance with them.

Nobojit agrees and the performance entertains everyone.

Jay then reminds the audience that the voting lines are open until Thursday at 9 pm.

After the announcement, Jay welcomes the cleaners who are Aadhyashree fans.

They then request everyone to follow the rules.

Aadhyashree’s performance as Baburao on the "O Meri Zohrajabeen" song entertains everyone.

After the performance, she gets praised by everyone for her comic timings and gets a golden buzzer for it.

The cleaners group then enters the stage and performs their favorite hook step with Aadhyashree.

One of them even says that due to Aadhyashree’s awareness of cleanliness, she will get 1 lakh votes from them.

Further Appun’s fan Nilesh, a special child comes to the stage to support her.

His mom reveals that Nilesh dances every time whenever he sees Appun on tv.

Appun Sufi’s performance on the "Ore Piya" gets praised by the judges.

Seeing, Appun dancing, Nilesh also starts dancing while seating.

When Nilesh and his parents arrive on the stage, Nilesh’s mom says that Appun has inspired Nilesh to dance.

To continue the show, Rishita gives a sizzling performance that impresses everyone.

As excepted, she also gets a golden buzzer from the judges.

After the performance, Rishita’s fan and an old couple come to the stage and gift Rishita toys.

Further, Sagar gives a motivational performance that stuns everyone.

After the performance, Sonali announces that Sagar will always be a winner for her.

Sagar’s fans the street guys come to the stage to congratulate him for being a finalist and one of them announces that Sagar has motivated them so much.

The street guys then perform a rap song for Sagar.

End of today 19th June 2022 Dance India Dance Little Masters 5 episode.

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