Dance India Dance Little Masters 5 19th March 2022, DID Li'l Masters Episode 3

Dance India Dance Little Masters 5 19th March 2022, DID Li'l Masters Episode 3

Dance India Dance L'il Masters 5 19th March 2022 Written Update: Full Show Online This Week Audition Episodes, DID Little Masters 2022, Episode 3

Zee TV's dance reality show, DID Little Masters 2022 will be presenting talented little dancers from the different corners of the world on television.

The recent promo for DID L'il Masters Season 5 (19-03-2022) for this weekend episode shows Atharva Agarwal impressing the judges with his unique dance moves.

The new promo also shows a talented kid Nabojit Namzamy performing a mesmerizing dance performance on the DID Little Masters' stage.

Nabojit mentions that he has been staying at his dance teacher's house for the last two years to learn dance.

The judges express their gratitude towards his master and promise to take him to the level he deserves.

The latest promo of DID kids 5th season 2022 for this weekend (19-03-2022) shows Jay Bhanushali troubling the participants by making their parents disappear in the name of magic.

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DID L'il Masters 5 19th March 2022 Episode Update Promo:

Dance India Dance L'il Masters 5 19th March 2022 Written Update:

Today's DID Lil Masters Season 5 19th March 2022 episode starts with the judges welcoming amazing talents from the corners of the country.

The first contestant of the day, Vignesh from Konkan brings his pet, a mouse with him.

Vignesh impresses the judges with expressive dance moves and smoothness of his performance eventually winning the super wings.

The next performer is Rishita Tanti from Kolkata and her naughtiness in the performance, as well as talks, amazes the judges and they select her to continue her journey on DID.

Further, the host, Jay Bhanushali makes some of the participants write a letter to God wherein they mention their wishes.

One such participant, Sanvi Negi writes a wish that her father who is a police officer gets time to spend with her.

Remo Dsouza makes a video call to Sanvi's father and lets him watch Sanvi's performance.

While performing her dance, Sanvi misses a step and after completing her dance she repeats the step in the correct way which impresses Remo to a great extent.

Appreciating the steps on beat and expressions on time, the judges do a Zip Zap Zoom and give a 'YES' to Sanvi.

Jasmer Singh comes in and performs a folk dance.

The judges say that he is the first folk dance performer of the season and they'll like to see him doing variations with them in the future.

The next performer is Sinjini Dutta who dances on the iconic song 'Ek do Teen' and sets a new level of energy to the song.

Sinjini's Bollywood blockbuster performance wins the super wings to her.

Further, the parents of many participants come on the stage to present wedding gifts to Mouni.

To continue the show, Anand Kumar, a son of a vegetable seller shows his amazing dance moves to prove wrong everyone who underrated him.

The next performer is Soham Bhuva from Porbandar. Soham's style and robotics leave the judges in awe.

Soham gets praised for his poping style which was incredible.

At the request of Soham's mother, Remo dances with her.

The last performer's flexibility and finishing in the moves astonish the judges and they give a 'YES' to him.

End of today's 19 March 2022 Dance India Dance Little Masters Season 5 episode.

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