Dance India Dance Little Masters 5 26th June 2022 Grand Finale, Final Episode

Dance India Dance Little Masters 5 26th June 2022 Grand Finale, Final Episode

Dance India Dance Little Masters 5 26th June 2022 Written update: Grand Finale, DID Lil Masters Full Show Last Episode Online, Finalist Last Performances

Zee TV’s reality show DID Little Masters will finally announce its winner on this weekend’s episode.

In this last week’s Dance India Dance Little Masters, the finalists will amaze everyone with their amazing performances.

The fantastic finale will be telecast on Sunday 26th June 2022 at 8 PM.

The five fantastic finalists are Sagar, Aadhyashree, Rishita, Nobojit, and Appun.

The recent promo for DID Lil Masters Kid Season (26-06-2022) for this weekend shows Appun giving a sizzling performance on the "Ramta Jogi" song much to everyone’s surprise.

One of the other promos for DID Lil Masters 5 (26.6.2022) shows how Nobojit set the stage on fire with his amazing performance.

Download DIDLM’s fifth season or watch online Dance India Dance Little Masters’ full episodes on both television and OTT platform Zee5.

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Dance India Dance Little Masters 5 26th June 2022 Grand Fantastic Finale Latest Promo:

Dance India Dance Lil Masters 5 26th June 2022 Written Update: (Finale/Last Episode)

Today’s DID Little Masters 5 26th June episode starts with Jay welcoming the fantastic finalists with their skippers.

Afterward, Kiara, Advani, Varun Dhawan, Anil Kapoor, and Prjakata Kholi from team Jug Jug Jiyo movie make their gorgeous entry.

Manish Paul then comes on the set with DID trophy.

After that, Bharti enters the set and starts her comic act.

She then advises Anil to never go to school with his grandchild as the teacher will mistake him for a child.

Later, when Bharti asks Rishita’s mom what sweet she will distribute, Rishita’s masi speaks up from behind and gives everyone sondesh to eat.

Rishita then sets the stage on fire with an amazing performance on a Bollywood song mashup.

Seeing her performance, everyone on the judging panel is impressed.

Anil Kapoor then asks Rishita to teach him to dance and everyone else joins him.

Their dance to the Nach Punjaban song instantly lifts everyone’s mood.

When Bharti asks Varun about his childhood memories, Varun laughingly replies that in his childhood he always imitated Govinda.

Later, Appun from team Vaibhav impresses everyone with her dance moves on Ka Karu Sajni, Do you love me, and Ramta Jogi’s song mashup.

 She gets a standing ovation from everyone and Varun expresses that Appun reminds him of Dharmesh.

Jay then announces that Appun’s village leader has also come to support her and he asks everyone if he can pay respect to Appun.

Hearing this, Jay agrees and Appun’s grandpa takes her on his shoulder while the leader puts the flower garland on her neck.

After that, Jay invites Tarawati Kutum on the stage and she announces that she has liked Appun’s grandpa from the beginning much to Manish’s shock.

Manish then comes to the stage and asks Anil to teach Grandpa how to walk in a movie.

After that, Appun’s grandpa makes everyone laugh with his acting style.

Later, Varun dances with Bharti and asks Grandpa to copy it with Kiara.

As excepted, Appun’s grandpa nails it.

Further, Remo surprises everyone with his sizzling dance style.

To continue the show, Remo comes to the stage to introduce Aadhyashree as his daughter.

After that, Aadhyashree makes everyone happy with her cute dance performance.

She then asks Anil Kappor to teach her Mumbaikar dance and Anil happily agrees.

However, when Varun asks her if she will stay in Mumbai and she tells her parents to go back.

Later, Bharti asks Remo if she can change his diaper but Remo tells her that they will announce the winner soon.

After that, Nobojit sets the stage on fire with his skilling performance.

Bharti then asks Anil Kapoor to dance with her on the Dhakdhak song and happily agrees.

Afterward, Jay showcases the little masters’ chilling group performance with their skippers in the Water Kingdom on the “Sunny Sunny” song.

After the performance finishes, Remo tells everyone that DID Little season 5 has set a benchmark for everyone.

Later, Bharti performs to get selected for DID super mom but Remo denies it.

After that, Sagar’s creative performance surprises everyone with the “Mashkali” song.

Sonali then tells Sagar’s mom that no matter if Sagar wins or not he will always win in his life.

Further, all the skippers perform one after another.

After that, all the five finalists give a killing performance together.

Later, Sagar and Rishita get two lakhs as finalists.

On the other hand, Aadhyasree gets third position and two lakh prize money, and a silver trophy.

While Nobojit is selected as the winner, Appun ranks 1st runner-up position.

 He gets the golden trophy, ten lakhs as prize money.

Appun as first runner-up gets a silver trophy and three lakh. 

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