Dance India Dance Little Masters 5 7th May 2022, DID Li'l Masters 2022

Dance India Dance Little Masters 5 7th May 2022, DID Li'l Masters 2022

Dance India Dance Li'l Masters 7th May 2022 Written Update: Episode 17, Jayeshbhai Jordaar Cast Today, Next Guests Today Ranveer Singh This Week, Watch Full Show Online at

Zee TV's dance reality show, DID Little Masters 2022 will be entertaining the audience this week with the presence of the most energetic and enthusiastic star, Ranveer Singh.

Ranveer has stepped to DID's stage to promote his upcoming movie Jayeshbhai Jordaar.

The recent promo for DID Li'l Masters Season 5 (07-05-2022) for this weekend episode shows the performance of DID's packet of cuteness, Aadhyashree.

Ranveer is impressed by Aadhyashree's dance and expressions as Simba (Ranveer's character in a movie) after which Aadhyashree asks for a way to get dimples like Deepika Padukone.

One of the promos also shows Aarav dancing to the song 'Khali Bali' dressed as Khilji. He also uses the mechanical rocking bull as a prop and does the hook step with it.

The latest promo of DID kids 5th season 2022 for this weekend (7 May 2022) shows Ranveer being stunned to see Aarav get into the character of Khilji perfectly and also enjoys playing with the rocking bull.

Nevertheless, Remo gives Aarav his biggest compliment by saying 'Now Thats What I Call A Performance'.

To get to know more, download Dance India Dance 5th season or watch online Dance India Dance Little Masters' latest full episode on both Zee television and OTT platform Zee5.

DID Li;l Masters 5 7th May 2022 Episode Update Promo:

Dance India Dance Li'l Masters 5 7th May 2022 Written Update:

Today's DID Li'l Masters Season 5 7th May 2022 episode starts with Ranveer Singh arriving on the stage of DID Little Masters to promote his upcoming movie, Jayeshbhai Jordaar.

The energetic greeting that Ranveer gives to the contestants and audience is stunning.

Firstly, all the contestants perform a special act dedicated to Ranveer aka Jayeshbhai in which everyone dances with Ranveer to the different songs from his movies.

To start the show, from Team Paul comes Aarav who performs his blockbuster performance as Khilji (Ranveer's movie character) and amazes everyone.

Ranveer praises the way Aarav has inculcated the style of Khilji and the use of the mechanical rocking bull as the prop.

After this, Aarav presents a super momo that is as big as Ranveer's head and Ranveer performs a spontaneous rap on it.

The show continues with Aadhyashree's extremely bewildering performance from Team Vaibhav.

Aadhyashree's personality matches Ranveer's Simba character which entertains everyone.

As Aadhyashree wants dimples similar to Deepika Padukone, Ranveer sarcastically asks her to keep her little finger on her cheek for two days then she'll get a dimple.

Further, Aadhyashree aka DID's Choti Kisaan complains about the tantrums of auto-rickshaw drivers to Ranveer.

As a surprise to Ranveer, Jay shows a video in which Ranveer's school is shown and also two of his teachers and a few peons talk about him which makes him delighted and emotional.

The show continues with Appun's performance from Team Vaibhav and she mesmerizes everyone with her heart-touching performance.

Remo bows down for the choreography and performance.

Further, Remo welcomes Ahmed Raza whom he considers his son.

Ahmed walks to the stage with Paul and performs an extremely spectacular dance act.

Ranveer is very much inspired by Ahmed's spirit.

Further, the founder of Inali foundation, Prashant Gade announces on the stage of DID Little Masters that his foundation will be sponsoring Ahmed's education, job, and prosthetic hands for a lifetime.

To continue the show, Team Paul's contestant Sanvi walks in and impresses all the judges and Ranveer with her entertaining and mindblowing performance.

The judges and Ranveer are thrilled to see the remake of Jayeshbhai Jordaar's trailer created by the Little Masters.

Jay Bhanushali, the host welcomes Ranveer's co-star, Shalini Pandey.

The last performance is given by Sadiya from Team Vartika. Sadiya wins the hearts of everyone with her exciting style and moves.

Before ending the episode, Mouni and Ranveer set the stage on fire with stunning dance moves to Ranveer's song 'Ainvayi Ainvayi' from his first Bollywood movie Band Baaja Baaraat.

End of today's 7 May 2022 Dance India Dance Little Masters episode.

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